Issue: 7/02

The National Fire Protection Association presented its 2002 World Safety Conference and Exposition at the Minneapolis Convention Center on May 19-23, offering an extensive product exhibition from over 250 manufacturers. Here are some of the highlights from the show floor.

NFPA Product Spotlight: 3M Passes IMO Testing for New Halon Alternative

3M Specialty Materials announced its Novec 1230 Fire Protection Fluid, a fluoroketone halon alternative, successfully completed the test protocol of IMO Maritime Safety Committee Circular 848, meaning the fire protection system can now be approved for commercial use in marine applications.

Novec 1230 fluid is designed to balance the need for extinguishing performance, human safety and low environmental impact. With a zero ozone-depletion potential, an atmospheric lifetime of just five days and a global warming potential of one, Novec 1230 fluid meets current halon replacement regulations such as the EPA's Significant New Alternatives Program (SNAP), and is not included in the greenhouse gasses identified in the Kyoto Protocol.

Extinguishing via its cooling effect, Novec 1230 fluid works as a gas, yet it is a liquid at room temperature. Stored at a low vapor pressure, Novec 1230 fluid can be shipped safely by air in bulk quantities without additional regulations or restrictions. And because it is a non-pressurized liquid, refilling systems after discharge can often be simpler and faster than with other agents. In addition, Novec 1230 fluid can be used in streaming and flooding applications, localized flooding systems and directional spray-type applications.

Novec 1230 is ideal for high value special hazard applications, such as computer and electronic control rooms, telecommunication switch rooms, hazard aboard ships, critical military applications and flightline protection.

3M's Novec 1230 fluid is already commercialized for OEMs, and is currently being successfully utilized by Tyco Fire Products and SEVO Systems in flooding applications. 3M Specialty Materials.

Fire System Valves

Zurn/Wilkins Pressure-Tru Pressure Reducing Fire Valves reduce pressure in both flow and no-flow conditions. They are produced from strong, high quality "naval type" bronze and are available with an integral monitor switch to indicate unauthorized manual closing. Both UL and ULc listed, the valves meet all code requirements and can serve as both a shut-off valve and a pressure reducing valve. Zurn/Wilkins.

Fire Alarm Control Panel

NOTIFIER, a manufacturer of commercial fire alarm systems and part of Honeywell's Security and Fire Solutions Group, has announced the NFS 3030 fire alarm control panel, part of its Onyx series detection equipment line. The series includes fire alarm control panels and peripheral devices, including single and multi-channel audio, networking, fire and integration PC graphics, power supplies, and advanced detection products. NOTIFIER.

Vertical MultiStage Pumps

Armstrong Series 4700 Vertical MultiStage Pumps are designed for temperatures ranging from 5 degrees F to 250 degrees F and feature a pressure range from 50 psig to 350 psig for use in fire line pressure maintenance applications. The pumps feature high-grade stainless steel impellers for high temperature operation and maximum resistance to corrosion. Armstrong Pumps, Inc.

CPVC Fire Sprinkler Systems Design CD

BlazeMaster Fire Sprinkler Systems has released a design and specifications CD-ROM for specifying its CPVC fire sprinkler systems. This comprehensive resource provides instant access to broad volumes of technical and performance information regarding BlazeMaster's CPVC systems, including an expanded Specification Resource Library that lists system features and benefits, listings and approvals, design data, technical reports, tips for design and installation, and a directory of compatible products. BlazeMaster Fire Sprinkler Systems/Noveon, Inc.

Pipe Cleaning

HERC (Health Environmental Research Chemistry) Products Inc. has developed several chemical technologies to clean water systems and surfaces contacted by water. Pipe-Klean fps is a three-step process designed to clean, control and maintain fire protection systems. First, Pipe-Klean fps chemistry is circulated through the isolated fire protection system to clean the system of internal corrosion by-products. Then the customized chemistry of inhibitors and/or biocides is introduced through the system to control future corrosion or build-up. A recurring program to maintain the chemistry at optimum levels is implemented as the third and final step in the Pipe-Klean fps process. HERC Products Inc.

Commercial Ceiling Sprinkler

FlexHead's Commercial Ceiling Sprinkler replaces hard-pipe armovers with flexible stainless steel hose to easily connect sprinkler heads to the branch line. Each ceiling sprinkler head comes complete with a multi-port mounting bracket and a one-piece, leak-tested FlexHead sprinkler drop designed for easy installation. In addition, FlexHead's flexible sprinkler products are FM-approved and UL-listed for suspended and sheetrock ceiling installations. FlexHead Industries.

Fire Pump Controllers

Hubbell/Lexington fire pump controllers are approved by UL, ULc, FM, CSA, and NYC MEA Dept. of Buildings for use with electric and engine-driven fire pumps built to the latest edition of NFPA-20. They are available for use in fire protection systems for hospitals, schools, shopping centers, hotels and hi-rise buildings. Hubbell/Lexington.


Smith-Cooper Fire Protection Division offers cast-iron threaded fittings that are FM-approved, UL- and UL 15NJ-listed, and certified for ISO-9002, ASME B16.4 and ASTM A126. The line includes nipples; malleable iron, bronze, cast iron and merchant steel fittings; and valves. Smith-Cooper.

Firestop Products

Hilti has announced additions to its line of firestop products, CP 620 Fire Foam and CP 777 Speed Plugs. CP 620 Fire Foam allows the installer to access through penetrations, cable trays, cable bundles, cable runs and multiple penetrations with combustible and non-combustible pipes. The foam is resistant to water, bacteria and gas, and expands to six times its size (unrestricted) within seconds. CP 777 Speed Plugs are 60% faster than castle cutting and 43% faster than conventional mineral wool installations. They provide a secure fit into the flute with no gaps or voids. They are a preformed compressed insulation designed to fit securely into top-of-wall decking. Hilti Corp.

Automatic Sprinkler Systems

Victaulic's FireLock Automatic Sprinklers incorporate heat responsive, frangible glass bulb activation; streamlined die-cast frames; and beryllium nickel Belleville spring and Teflon seal reliability. The line offers designs for standard and quick response operation, with a range of temperature ratings available, including a high-pressure (250 psi/1725 kPa) line. The FireLock line also features couplings, fittings, valves, accessories, specialties and tools for pipe preparation. Victaulic.

Cover/Support System

The Soffi-Steel System is a modular protective utility cover for sprinkler systems, plumbing, hvac, tubing and wiring. The system is virtually indestructible and tamper-resistant, making it ideal for high risk and correctional projects. It is flexible in its applications and is available in two standard shapes, the L-Shield for installations at the wall/ceiling or wall/floor line, and the U-Shield for ceiling or vertical drop installations. Made of stainless steel or Paintgrip, the Soffi-Steel System cover is snapped onto heavy-gauge spring steel shield clips. The "reverse curvature" interfacing between the clips and the cover renders the system irremovable once installed. Grice Engineering.

Micromist System

The Fike Micromist system is a self-contained, single fluid, pre-engineered watermist fire suppression alternative to many traditional fire protection methods. It can be used in suppression of a wide range of flammable liquid (Class B) fire scenarios, including pools of fuel leakage, fuel sprays, and potential Class A involvement of fuel-soaked materials. The system employs a brass nozzle which flows approximately 2.1 gal/min. of water at 310 psi, and is capable of protecting an area of 8' x 8' with a ceiling height of 16'. A single Micromist system is capable of protecting areas up to 24' x 24' x 16'. Fike Protection Systems.

Foam and Water Mist Pumps

Edwards Manufacturing Inc. offers foam and water mist pumps that feature dry running pump operation with Teflon lip seals, self-priming or pressurized inlet, no vapor lock, pumping of any viscosity concentrate, flows from 15 L/min to 1900 L/min, standard discharge pressures to 14 Bar and 21 Bar High Pressure pumps, and all bronze or stainless steel construction. Edwards Mfg. Inc.

Mist System

Fire Combat's new stand-alone fire suppression unit uses a fine aerosol mist to quickly quench cellular tower equipment fires. Called Aero-K, this "chemical fireman" replaces conventional systems that use halon, carbon dioxide, water, foam or dry powders. It needs no plumbing, piping, or pressure tanks. The Aero-K reacts virtually instantaneously, spraying a cloud of potassium-based aerosols that blankets the blaze, then gives on-going protection against reflash. The aerosol is non-toxic and non-corrosive, and will not affect sensitive electronic equipment. Fire Combat. (800) 285-3651

Preaction System

The new Viking SureFire Preaction system won't fail when primary and back-up power sources fail. The system has built-in features that ensure protection while preventing water from entering the system. This allows them to operate as dry systems during power failures. Available with both single and double interlock electric release in 1 1/2- to 8-inch sizes, the SureFire Preaction systems include Viking's Model E or F Deluge Valve, EZ Trim, Easy Riser check valve, and PAR-3 Release Control Panel. Viking Corp.

Mineral Insulated Cable

Tyco Flow Control's Mineral Insulated (MI) Cable made of copper and magnesium oxide, for a variety of installations. The cable is capable of operating functionally up to 1000 degrees C, close to the melting point of copper. The cable offers water, high corrosion, and radiation resistance; high operating temperatures (250 degrees C continous); and high EMC properties and mechanical strength. Data cables, twisted pair and shielded twisted pair cables offer a low impedance shield with excellent EMI screening properties. MI cables are also available with polyethylene jacketing, suitable for operation to -40 degrees C, or with "low smoke and fume" (LSF) jacketing. Tyco Flow Control.

Quick Response Automatic Sprinklers

The Globe Millennium Quick Response Pendent Sprinkler is a low-profile, flush-mounted sprinkler that utilizes a 2.5mm frangible glass ampule as its thermosensitive element along with a specially designed deflector. When heat is absorbed, the liquid within the glass bulb expands, increasing the internal pressure until it ruptures. The levers held in position by the bulb collapse inward, allowing the deflector and Teflon coated belleville washer seal to move downward to the full-operating position, and results in water discharged in a required and approved distribution pattern. Globe Fire Sprinkler Corp.

Backflow Preventers

Conbraco backflow preventers and assemblies are designed for easy installation, service and repair, and meet the highest performance standards in the industry. They are used to protect drinking water supplies from possible contamination caused by fire sprinkler cross-connections from back-pressure and back-siphonage. The company's offerings include the Top Entry Double Check Valve Assembly, Double Check Valve Assembly, Modular Swing Check Double Check Assembly, Reduced Pressure Principle Backflow Preventer, Double Check Detector Assembly, and Reduced Pressure Detector Assembly. Conbraco.

Flexible Piping

Flex-Arm Corp.'s Flex-Arm Assembly offers over 275 possible Center-of-Tile locations. With less than eight minutes to install, Flex-Arm saves time while hitting exact Center-of-Tile every time. With 6" of vertical adjustment, Flex-Arm can be used with any sprinkler head for suspended ceilings. Its design eliminates conflicts with suspended ceiling support wires. Flex-Arm is designed for ceiling tile patterns of 2" x 2", 3" x 3", 4" x 4", 6" x 6", 12" x 12", 24" x 24", and 24" x 48". Flex-Arm Corp.

Fire Sprinkler Monitoring & Fire Security Products

Potter Electric offers a range of products for fire sprinkler monitoring and fire security, including flow switches; tamper and supervisory switches; pressure switches and peripherals; explosion-proof devices; retrofit ball valve supervisory switches; residential risers; releasing panels, components and peripherals; fire and analog fire panels; relays; heat and duct detectors; notification appliances; pull stations; voice evacuation; and security peripherals. Potter Electric.

Fire Extinguishment

SEVO Fire Extinguishing Systems use Novec 1230 fire fluid, a long-term, sustainable solution for special hazard fire protection. The SEVO system provides total flooding protection of an enclosed asset. When the Novec 1230 vapor is discharged into an enclosure, it provides a suppression medium for Class A-, B-, and C-type fires. The system is operated by compatible detection and control equipment for automatic electrical, as well as manual, operation. SEVO Systems. (913) 677-1112

Fire Pump Systems

Talco Fire Systems offers fire pump systems that feature a compact design, easy installation, flexibility for underground or above-ground tank or booster service with AC- or nitrogen-driven pumps, and a complete package, including fittings and control panels. Talco Fire Systems. (800) 878-8055

CPVC Fire Sprinkler Pipe

In accordance with the UL listing, Harvel BlazeMaster CPVC Fire Sprinkler Products may be installed for use with listed light hazard, Extended Coverage, Quick Response sprinklers without protection (exposed) in NFPA 13 Light Hazard, NFPA 13R and 13D installations when subject to some limitations. Harvel BlazeMaster is now listed in more types of applications than any other non-metallic system. Harvel Plastics, Inc.

Fire Protection Systems

The FireFlex TotalPac system is a fully listed and approved integrated fire protection system. It is available in various configurations, including single or double interlocked preaction systems, preaction systems for elevators, cycling-type systems, deluge systems, dry pipe systems, wet pipe systems, and custom built systems. This integrated system eliminates the problems associated with field-assembled systems and water damages. FireFlex Systems Inc.

Backflow Preventers

Watts Regulator offers a range of products for the fire protection industry, including backflow preventers, automatic control valves, ball valves, gate valves, relief valves, single detector checks and strainers. Watts Regulator.

Expansion Joint

The Metraflex Fireloop is a cost-effective alternative to other methods of designing for seismic movement in fire sprinkler systems. Extremely compact, it eliminates the need for multiple joints or grooved couplings fabricated on site. Fireloop offers a variety of engineering design options due to its simple, compact profile and easy installation. Fireloops 2" in diameter and smaller are self-supporting, eliminating the need for pipe hangers at the 180-degree return. The Metraflex Co.