Issue: 8/01

The 2001 National Fire Protection Association World Fire Safety Congress and Exposition attracted 10,210 attendees to the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA. The conference featured educational seminars and product exhibits from 275 manufacturers. Here is Part 2 of our coverage of the product highlights.

Fire Pumps

Armstrong's vertical in-line fire pumps are UL-listed and FM-approved. Capacities range from 50 to 1,000 USgpm, with pressure boosts from 40 to 135 psi. The pumps feature high working pressure, minimum axial thrust, vibration-free operation, low maintenance, and corrosion-resistance at the stuffing box. A full range of optional accessories, as well as complete packages, are available to complement the fire pumps. Armstrong Pumps.


The Reliable Automatic Sprinkler Co. offers a line of sprinklers that includes 300 psi 1/2" and large orifice, concealed horizontal sidewall, extended coverage upright, recessed escutcheon, and dry sprinkler models. Testers, pressure alarm check valves, PrePaK and low pressure dry pipe systems are also offered. The Reliable Automatic Sprinkler Co.

Pressurized Water Supply

Potter's HydraTank self-contained fire protection system can be used for 13D applications. It is a pressurized water supply that doesn't rely on a traditional water pump, so it doesn't need electricity, moving parts or frequent maintenance. The system utilizes a corrosion-free, lightweight composite tank. Models available include the N2, a modified pressure tank arrangement using compressed nitrogen to exhaust the water upon activation of a sprinkler, and the A system, based on the classic pressure tank arrangement. Potter.


A line of sprinklers is available from Star Sprinkler that includes standard, extended coverage, concealed and flush-style, institutional and dry sprinklers. The company also offers spray nozzles, foam water sprinklers, valves and accessories. Star Sprinkler.

Cover/Support System

Grice Engineering's Soffi-Steel System is tamper resistant and virtually indestructible, making it ideal for high-risk and correctional applications. Made of stainless steel, Paintgrip or cold rolled steel, the Soffi-Steel System cover snaps securely onto heavy-gauge spring steel shield clips. The "reverse curvature" interfacing between the clips and the cover renders the system irremovable once installed. The system is available in two standard shapes: the L-Shield for wall/ceiling or wall/floor installation, and the U-Shield for ceiling or vertical drop installations. Grice Engineering.

Extended Coverage Sprinkler

Tyco Fire Products has introduced the EC-25 Extended Coverage Sprinkler. The 14-ft. maximum spacing of the EC-25 offers flexibility in optimizing the number of sprinklers in a bay, as well as the locations of outlets on the branch lines, especially if used with welded or mechanical tee fittings. The EC-25 is available in 165 degrees F (73.9 degrees C) and 214 degrees F (101.1 degrees C) and is approved for high temperature applications. Tyco Fire Products.

Automatic Fire Protection Control Valves

OCV offers several models of fire protection control valves, including the 108FC Fire Pump Relief Valve, installed on the discharge side of the fire pump to protect from hydraulic shock; the 127-3FC Pressure Reducing Valve, which reduces high supply line pressure; and the 116FC Pneumatic Activated Deluge Valve, which controls fire-fighting fluid to sprinklers in Deluge, Pre-Action or Foam-Water fire systems. OCV Control Valves.

Combination Plumbing/Fire Sprinkler System

Uponor Wirsbo's AQUASAFE system combines a plumbing system with a fire sprinkler system, so the same water supply is used for both systems. AQUASAFE also eliminates stagnant water by keeping cold water moving from the manifolds to the fittings each time it is drawn by the cold water plumbing fixtures (faucets, toilets, etc.). The system features AQUAPEX polyethylene tubing that is easy to install and eliminates corrosion and leakage problems. Uponor Wirsbo.

CPVC Fire Sprinkler Systems

BlazeMaster CPVC fire sprinkler systems are faster and easier to install than traditional metallic systems. No pre-fabrication is required and alterations can be made on site. A one-step solvent system bonds joints quickly without the need of heavy power equipment or torches. Designed for a 50-year life expectancy with a safety factor of 2, BlazeMaster CPVC pipe and fittings are immune to Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion.

Noveon/BlazeMaster Fire Sprinkler Systems.

Fire Alarm Equipment

Notifier has introduced the Onyx series of fire alarm products in a high-style, black pattern that are designed to be linked for integrated detection. The Onyx series includes the NFS-640 control panel; the Noti-Fire-Net local network system with two annunciation and control options, the NCA and the NCS; the Uni-Net 2000 local or wide area networking system; the XPIQ audio transponder for multichannel voice evacuation systems; and advanced fire detection using VIEW, HARSH, Acclimate Plus and RFX. Notifier.

Vertical In-Line Fire Pumps

A-C Fire Pumps offers its Series 1580 vertical in-line fire pumps available with 35 to 750 gpm. The pumps are UL-listed and FM-approved, and they are easily installed, with no foundations or pads required. The suction and discharge flanges are on a common centerline for mounting on a pipeline. The pump's back pullout design makes servicing simple. A-C Fire Pumps.

Fire Alarm System

SimplexGrinnell has introduced the Simplex 4100U Fire Detection and Alarm Platform. The 4100U builds on the Simplex 4100 Series of fire alarm systems, offering new technology, expanded point capacity, state-of-the-art digital voice communications, advanced built-in diagnostics, dual operating software and Internet connectivity. In benchmark tests of a 99-node network, the 4100U's typical alarm response time was 1.6 seconds. SimplexGrinnell.

Antibacterial Pipe Coating

Allied Tube & Conduit announced its Allied ABF Antibacterial Formula Coating that helps prevent microbiologically influenced corrosion from forming on sprinkler piping. ABF is applied to the interior surface of all of the company's pipe products up to 4.5 inches in diameter, excluding hot-dip galvanized. Allied Tube & Conduit.


Anvil International offers its Gruvlok Gaskets for pipe systems in a variety of pressure-responsive styles, including "C" style, Roughneck, End Guard, Flange, Sock-It, Clamp-T, Flush Gap and Reducing Coupling.

Anvil International.

Water Mist System

Marioff's HI-FOG 2000 water mist fire protection system incorporates a compact HI-FOG sprinkler connected by "wet" piping to an electric-driven pump unit. In case of fire, the HI-FOG fast response sprinkler bulb is broken by the heat, the pump starts, and mist is discharged to suppress the fire. Spacing between sprinklers for large rooms can be increased to 5 m, and a 25 m2 hotel room needs only one HI-FOG 2000 sprinkler.