Here are some of the highlights spotted while wandering the NFPA show aisles.

Issue: 7/01

The 2001 National Fire Protection Association World Fire Safety Congress and Exposition attracted 10,210 attendees to the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA. The conference featured educational seminars and product exhibits from 275 manufacturers. Here are some of the highlights spotted while wandering the show aisles. Part 2 will appear in the August issue of PME.

Halon Replacement

3M's Performance Materials Division has announced the release of NovecT 1230 Fire Protection Fluid, billed as a long-term replacement for halon. Novec's chemical structure is low in acute toxicity, making it safe for use in occupied spaces. It also features a zero ozone depletion potential, a five-day atmospheric lifetime and a global warming potential of one. Novec also leaves no residue and is non-conductive, so it will not damage electronic equipment. 3M.

Backflow Preventers

Wilkins has introduced its 300 and 400 Series backflow preventers featuring Compound CheckT Closure. Wilkins' patented Compound Check valve provides all the advantages of the center-stem-guided check and the clapper-style check in one. In the closed position, the springs exert the most force to hold the check closed to prevent backflow. As the check opens, the springs apply less force, and it is easier to hold open, resulting in a head loss similar to clapper-style checks. Wilkins.

Inspection and Maintenance Software

TaskMaster from TISCOR is a mobile workforce automation system using software and hand-held computers to define and track inspection and maintenance procedures for locations and equipment. All tasks are defined by the user. The system eliminates the handwritten log sheets and manual data entry typically associated with performing site or equipment inspections, and increases the productivity and accuracy of inspection and maintenance personnel. TaskMaster's newest feature is a paperless work order module. TISCOR.

Radiator-cooled Engines

Edwards EMI has released a line of radiator-cooled UL/FM-approved fire pump engines. The engines feature radiator cooling, eliminating piping and extra labor cost; a compact engine design; HP ranges selected to minimize fuel tank size; water conservation, as there is no water to drain or waste; and a low flow heat exchanger for use when radiator cooling is not practical. Edwards EMI.

Butterfly Shut-offs

CMB Industries has announced its FEBCO MicroSeriesT integral sealed butterfly shut-offs. The MicroSeries features a lay length of 22", including shut-offs, making it ideal for space saving applications. The lightweight design utilizes less space, smaller enclosures and less labor for installation, and the modular check design and integral butterfly shut-offs lower head loss. CMB Industries, Inc.

Fire Sprinkler Design Software

AutoSPRINKT Version 2.0 is a stand-alone fire sprinkler CAD program for Microsoft Windows 95/98/NTR from M.E.P.CAD, Inc. AutoSPRINK features a 3D CAD design engine based on object-oriented technology. The program allows the user to draw simple lines or pipes, sprinklers and walls from its "intelligent" elements collection. For instance, the pipe element knows its size, pipe type and material, and internal diameter, and it can lock on to other pipes or system devices near to it. M.E.P.CAD, Inc.

Fire Suppression Material

Super FiretempR T-Board from Johns Manville was made for grease ducts. The structural grade calcium silicate material, tested to 2,000 F (1,093 C), is designed to prevent fires in kitchen grease ducts from spreading throughout the building. T-Board provides a 1- and 2-hour fire-rated enclosure around any kitchen exhaust hood and duct. T-Board meets UL 1978, Internal Grease Duct and Air Duct Fire Test, and UL 263 requirements. Johns Manville.

Plastic Pipe Fittings

Spears Mfg. offers a variety of valves, pressure fittings and specialty products in PVC, CPVC and polypropylene. Ball valves, ball check valves, butterfly valves, Schedule 40 fittings, Schedule 80 fittings, manifold tees and swing joints are available. Spears Mfg.

Fine Water Spray Extinguishment

Fire-ScopeR 2000 from Securiplex provides extinguishment by cooling of flame and fuel, displacement of oxygen, and cooling of radiant heat through the release of a fine water spray. Fire-Scope 2000 is a low pressure twin-fluid system that can use existing water and air supplies. It is unaffected by enclosure integrity, requires little water and reduces fire-related damage. The system is also safe for use with gas turbines. Securiplex Inc.

Bar Joist Sway Brace Attachment

Tolco Inc. has introduced its Bar Joist Sway Brace Attachment that attaches sway and hanger assemblies bracing to steel bar joist structural members. The unit's design features a concentric attachment point that permits secure, non-friction connection without drilling or welding. It features a maximum horizontal design load of 2,015 lbs. Tolco Inc.

Water Mist Extinguishment

Fogtec offers its High Pressure Water Mist extinguishment system as an alternative to sprinkler and gas extinguishing systems. In the HPWM system, water is atomized at a pressure of 100 bar through specifically designed nozzles into small droplets covering a cooling surface of 200 sq. m./l. The benefits of the HPWM system include reduced equipment damage and low water consumption. Fogtec.


A line of sprinklers is available from FlexHead Industries, including duct sprinklers, cleanroom ceiling sprinklers, and commercial ceiling sprinklers. Benefits of the sprinklers include simplified installation, FM-approval, elimination of the need for an access panel mounted on the duct, a patented polybag/gasket assembly, flexibility of design choices during retrofit and expansion, and the allowance of independent motion (sway) between the duct and water main during possible seismic activity, eliminating potential leaks. FlexHead Industries.

Fire Pump Controllers

FiretrolR combined automatic and manual fire pump controllers are designed to start electric motor-driven fire pumps. They are available in several configurations, all UL-listed and FM-approved. The controllers feature data recording, motor control, metering, pressure recording, and a high speed open serial communications port for use with building management systems. Firetrol.

Packaged Fire Pump Systems

Aurora Pumps offers custom and pre-engineered packaged fire pump systems that are factory-assembled and tested, leaving only pipe connections, power connections and structural base grouting to be completed on site. All fire pump packages are built to NFPA 20 and NEC standards, with UL-listed/FM-approved components. Models include vertical turbine, horizontal split case, vertical split case and vertical in-line pumps. Aurora Pumps.

Automatic Sprinklers

Globe Fire Sprinkler Corp.'s MilleniumT Quick Response pendent sprinkler is a low profile, flush-mounted sprinkler that utilizes a 2.5 mm frangible glass ampule as its thermosensitive element, combined with a specially designed deflector. When heat is absorbed by the ampule, the liquid within its bulb expands, increasing the internal pressure and causing the ampule to rupture. The deflector and a Belleville washer seal then move into operating position, and water is discharged. Globe Fire Sprinkler Corp.