Issue: 7/04

The 2004 NFPA World Safety Conference and Exposition in Salt Lake City, UT, hosted more than 250 exhibitors showing a variety of products for the fire protection industry. The following is a sampling of some of the highlights from the show floor.

Sway Brace Attachment and Hanger

TOLCO™, a brand of NIBCO INC., offers an in-line longitudinal sway brace attachment for bracing against sway and seismic disturbances. The one-piece design of the Figure 4L allows swivel in only one direction, insuring "in-line" assembly and reducing eccentricity in sway brace assemblies. TOLCO also offers the Figure 28 "stand-off" hanger and restrainer for CPVC plastic pipe that offers a one-piece "snap-in" design and flared edges to protect plastic pipe from scratches and abrasions. TOLCO. Circle 1.

Addressable Control Panel

Fire-Lite Alarms has introduced the MS-9200UD intelligent addressable control panel. Built upon a platform common to the MS-9200 and MS-9600, the new panel features an integral remote upload/download communicator that allows for reporting of all system activity to a remote monitoring location. Using a Windows®-based software package, the installer can command the MS-9200UD to program itself in less than one minute. Fire-Lite Alarms. Circle 2.

Lever-Type Bleeder Valve

Potter Electric Signal Co.'s BVL Lever Type Bleeder Valve is designed for use as a test valve for low-pressure switches on dry-pipe sprinkler systems or on wet-pipe systems with excess pressure. The BVL should be installed in-line with the low-pressure switch and a pressure gauge. This allows for convenient removal or testing of the pressure-actuated device without affecting the pressure in the system. Potter Electric Signal Co. Circle 3.

Fire Alarm Control Panels

The Gamewell Co. has introduced the 600 Series fire alarm control panels, including the IdentiFlex (IF)602, IF610, IF632 and IF654/658. The 600 Series' SmartStart® feature automatically identifies and configures all system modules, circuits and devices. All 600 Series panels are network-capable, utilizing SmartLink™ peer-to-peer protocol, which allows up to 250 fire alarm panels to be connected on a single network. Gamewell also introduced the SmartView™ computer graphics interface package for use with the 600 Series. SmartView provides users monitoring and control over a network of up to 250 fire alarm panels from a single PC workstation. The Gamewell Co. Circle 4.

Sprinkler Pipe with ABF Coating

Allied Tube & Conduit's Antibacterial Formula (ABF) coating offers resistance to microbial colonization of sprinkler pipe walls, delaying or possibly preventing the onset of microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC) when the sprinkler system is first installed. ABF is applied to the interior surface of all Allied Tube & Conduit sprinkler pipe products up to 4.5 inches in diameter (excluding hot-dip galvanized). Allied Tube & Conduit. Circle 5.

Integrated Fire Protection Systems

The AquaMist System from Tyco Fire Products features a mist control center (MCC) pump skid package that is professionally designed and assembled to ease system installation. AquaMist uses unique nozzles that utilize a higher pressure than a normal sprinkler system to deliver water mist, providing a 50-80% lower water flow, which minimizes clean-up and water damage. Tyco Fire Products. Circle 6.