Issue: 3/02

Here is Part 1 of PME's coverage of product highlights from the recent ASHRAE Exposition held January 12-16 in Atlantic City, NJ. Part 2 will run in the April 2002 issue.

Condensate Pumps

Hartell's new Powerflow Series KT Plus condensate pumps feature a removable mounting template to quickly mark the mounting screws to aid installation and maintenance. The pump also offers an inlet port at the bottom of the pump reservoir for 3¿ PVC, eliminating the need for a low profile pump. And the removable impeller chamber allows access for easy cleaning. Hartell Pumps.

Bathroom System

The Evolve Healthy Bathroom System includes three products that prevent mold, mildew, bacteria and unpleasant bathroom odors. The FreshVent toilet bowl odor and bacteria evacuation system removes airborne bacteria, viruses and odors by venting them during and after toilet usage. The ClearVent bathroom steam evacuation system keeps bathroom moisture and shower steam from settling on walls and mirrors, reducing mold and mildew. ClearVent is placed above the shower to effectively and quickly remove steam and moisture. The SureFlush automatic toilet flushing system eliminates the need to manually flush, preventing the spread of germs, viruses and bacteria. The SureFlush system can be mounted on existing tank-type toilets. Evolve Corp.

Packaged Pump Systems

The Thrush Packaged Pump Systems contain water pumps, interconnecting piping and other essential components assembled onto a common base or skid. The systems are UL listed with ASME code-compliant vessels. Thrush also offers a Heat Transfer Package, a pumping system with thermal expansion and air elimination equipment, and a Packaged Booster System, combining pumps, valves and controls to provide a constant supply of pressurized water. Thrush Co., Inc.

Steam Boiler

MIURA's EX Gas/Oil Series High Pressure Steam Boilers feature the company's "low water content watertube" design in a once-through, forced circulation steam boiler, producing steam in five minutes while maintaining an 85% fuel-to-steam efficiency. The design consists of rows of vertical tubes sandwiched between two annular headers. Both headers are encased in a castable refractory with only the tubes exposed to flame and/or combustion gases. The upper header is attached to the lower header only by the tubes; as the tubes expand and contract, the headers float up and down. This 'floating header' concept, aided by forced flow, reduces stress and allows for the use of cold feedwater without fear of thermal shock. MIURA.

Terminal Unit Piping

HCi's Terminator System is a method of piping hvac terminal units that minimizes the time and space required to make the connection between the distribution piping and coil. The system eases terminal unit piping because all components typically installed at the terminal unit are combined into a single package with only one part number. For example, a coil requiring a two-way control valve, manual balance valve and strainer is the 2SB package, which includes the inlet valve and strainer (Terminator S), control valve union (Terminator U), and isolation and balance valve (Terminator B). HCi.

Rod Hanger

Features of ERICO's Caddy Multi-Flange Rod Hanger for Purlins, Beams & Joists include: C or Z Purlins or up to 1¿ horizontal beam flanges; Slotted, Hex, Robertson, and Philips combo head bolts; a hardened cup point setscrew for a secure grip; fast installation of threaded components; a swivel feature option; and an electrogalvanized finish for corrosion protection. The hanger is also UL listed for fire protection applications. ERICO.

CSST Piping

Tru-Flex's Pro-Flex corrugated stainless steel tubing (CSST) gas piping system is a corrugated, semi-rigid stainless steel tubing with fully integrated components which are tested as a complete system. Pro-Flex eliminates the majority of connections currently required by a typical black pipe installation. Connections are faster, as Pro-Flex is easy to determine diameter and measure out lengths, easy to cut without special tools, and easy to route and assemble. It is manufactured in 3¿, 1¿ and 3¿ diameters in 25-, 50-, 75- and 225-ft. coils. The 1" diameter is available in 25-, 50-, 75- and 150-ft. coils. Tru-Flex Metal Hose Corp.

Strainers, Check Valves and Butterfly Valves

Mueller Steam Specialty offers a full line of pipeline, specialty strainers, check valves and butterfly valves. The strainer line includes Y, basket-type, duplex, special stainless, and fabricated strainers/line blinds. The check valve line includes silent and double-disc valves. Mueller Steam Specialty.