The Product Exposition held during the ASPE Technical Symposium provided an opportunity for plumbing engineers to see a variety of manufacturers' offerings, from water heaters and boilers to valves, pumps and commercial fixtures.

The Product Exposition held during the ASPE Technical Symposium in St. Louis, MO, Nov. 1-4, 2001, provided an opportunity for plumbing engineers to see a variety of manufacturers' offerings, from water heaters and boilers to valves, pumps and commercial fixtures. The following are highlights from the exposition floor.

Pipe Cutter

PipeCat from Applied Precision Tool Co., Inc. is a lightweight, battery-powered tool that cuts 1/2" and 3/4" copper tubing and cleans the pipe and fittings in 15 seconds. PipeCat is powered by a 9.6V ni-cad battery, and weighs 4.9 lbs. The complete kit weighs 12 lbs. Applied Precision Tool Co., Inc.


Delta's line of decorative faucets is constructed in solid brass. Design styles include the Signature pull out spray faucet, the Victorian Collection, single handle models that feature a stainless steel ball valve system with one moving part, e-Flow electronic lavatory faucets, and the Monitor 1800 Jetted Shower System. The faucets are available with Delta's Brilliance anti-tarnish finish, which is virtually immune to repeated scouring and scrubbing. Delta Faucet.

Instantaneous Steam Water Heaters

Graham has introduced the Micro-Mix II instantaneous Steam Water Heater. Micro-Mix II uses a feed-forward system that senses demand through outlet pressure. The water heater incorporates a special blending valve and the Heliflow heat exchanger to produce up to 120 gpm of hot water while occupying less than 6 square feet of floor space. The unit is self-contained and requires hook-up only to steam and water. Steam at any pressure from 2 o 250 psig can be utilized. Graham.

Water Heater

Bradford White's new Millivolt Series commercial gas water heaters generate their own energy to power the flue damper. No external electric source is required, allowing easier installation and operation. The MAGNUM Series commercial water heaters with Millivolt technology produce energy from the pilot and thermopile assembly. Millivolt also incorporates a continuous pilot, eliminating lockout. Bradford White Corp.

Air Admittance Valves

Studor's Mini-Vent and Maxi-Vent AAVs provide plumbing ventilation to prevent the loss of water seals in traps without the need for roof penetration and vent piping. Universal connectors allow two valve models to accommodate 1 1/4", 1 1/2", 2", 3" or 4" pipe sizes. And the packaging of the AAVs, when used in installation, provides extra protection from extreme temperatures and foreign matter. Studor.


Goodrich's FlowGuard Gold CPVC pipe and fittings are more durable than copper, withstanding corrosion and pitting from aggressive water and other sources. Plus FlowGuard Gold pipe has no effect on the purity of the water, as certified by the National Sanitation Foundation. Goodrich.


Rockford Sanitary Systems' Separators are designed for high efficiency in retaining a variety of insoluble wastes. Maximum water travel without turbulence through the filtering action of its screens prevents evacuation into drainage systems that may cause blocking, stoppages and backups. More than 26 varieties in over 200 sizes are available. Rockford Sanitary Systems.


The Sanispray heavy duty stainless steel Type 304 washfountain from Intersan combines a pedestal, parabolic bowl, water distribution column, sprayhead and soap dispenser into a system designed plumbing fixture. The black powder-coated steel or stainless steel conical pedestal offers maximized stability while permitting easy access for wheelchair use. The fixtures are preplumbed, making them easy to install. Intersan.

Gas-Fired Water Heaters

Intelli-Fin Gas-Fired Water Heaters from Lochinvar have a 97% thermal efficiency rating. Intelli-Fin features variable frequency drive that increases thermal efficiency by precisely supplying the proper amount of air and gas to the burner. VFD also allows the unit to adjust its output to meet demand, limiting excessive heat. Lochinvar Corp.

Water Heaters

A line of commercial, industrial and institutional water heaters is available from PVI in a range of 140,000 to 6,400,000 Btuh. The line includes Supertank ASME direct- and indirect-fired water heater storage tanks; Turbopower commercial-industrial hot water generators for gas, oil and combination gas/oil; Turbopower 99 condensing gas-fired hot water generators; Durawatt electric water heaters; and Quickdraw instantaneous water heaters and storage water heaters. PVI.

Emergency Showers

Speakman Co. offers a variety of equipment for emergency and hazardous applications. The LIFESAVER deluge showers feature Speakman's exclusive impeller action showerhead; the SE-600 Safe-T-Zone series combines eye and eye/face wash units with the impeller action showerhead; and the SE-400 EYESAVER eye/face wash system delivers a 9" x 11" curtain of aerated water. Speakman Co.

Backflow Prevention Assembly

FEBCO MasterSeries backflow prevention assemblies protect the potable water supply from contaminants being introduced into the system by backsiphonage or backpressure. FEBCO.

Shower Equipment

Stern Williams offers a line of sinks, shower floors, cabinets and accessories for the bath, including shower cabinets with Terrazzo floors in standard and handicapped models, Serpentine institutional shower floors, Sussex shower floors that are flanged on all sides, Trieste shower floors with a wide integral threshold, and Parian roll-in type floors with or without ramps. Stern Williams.


Gerber's Brass Collection includes single- and two-handle kitchen faucets, bar faucets, handle packs, lavatory faucets, commercial kitchen and laundry faucets, tub and shower fittings, showerheads, Roman tub fillers, bath drains in various materials, laundry faucets and bidet fittings. Gerber.

One-Piece Toilet

The new Cadet One-Piece Toilet from American Standard features a powerful front jet and a fully glazed, 2-inch trapway that provides strong flushing action that virtually eliminates clogging. The toilet is also equipped with the Smart Valve 2000 water control. This fully enclosed valve is maintenance-free and provides a positive shut-off and a quick and quiet refill. The Cadet also features the Rise and Shine toilet seat that can be lifted from its hinges for easy cleaning. American Standard.

Fixtures and Faucets

Eljer offers a full of fixtures and faucets for residential and commercial applications. The offering includes fixtures for whirlpool tubs, toilets and bidets, lavatories, kitchen and bar sinks. The faucet product line includes designer, washerless, single- and two-handle, and economy models. Eljer Plumbingware.