The Product Exposition held during the ASPE Technical Symposium provided an opportunity for plumbing engineers to see a variety of manufacturers' offerings, from water heaters and boilers to valves, pumps and commercial fixtures.

The Product Exposition held during the ASPE Technical Symposium in St. Louis, MO, Nov. 1-4, 2001, provided an opportunity for plumbing engineers to see a variety of manufacturers' offerings, from water heaters and boilers to valves, pumps and commercial fixtures. The following are some of the highlights from the exposition floor, and be sure to visit for even more ASPE products.

Tankless Water Heaters

Controlled Energy Corp. offers several models of its tankless water heaters. The PowerStar series' tankless design delivers a continuous supply of hot water. And PowerStar features an efficiency rating of 99%, as it heats water only when needed, so there is no standby heat loss. The space-saving 240FX delivers nearly 5 gallons of hot water continuously and features an electronic ignition. The Bosch AquaStar Model 125X gas water heater features a built-in power vent, an electronic ignition and no standing pilot. Controlled Energy Corp.

Medical Gas Outlet Station

Allied Healthcare Products' Chemetron and Oxequip Connect2 Medical Gas Outlet Station accepts both Chemetron and Ohmeda adapters. The Chemetron adapter can support secondary equipment, including a suction regulator with a 1/2-gallon collection bottle. The station eliminates the need for hospital personnel to carry both styles of adapters to ensure proper connection. Allied Healthcare Products.


Crane Plumbing offers its Fluidmaster toilets with VIP (Vacuum Induced Power) Flush. The vacuum-assisted flushing in these 1.6 gpf toilets provides for larger traps, water seals and a broad water surface. Various models are available. Crane Plumbing.

Commercial Water Heaters, Tanks and Boilers

A.O. Smith Water Products Co. has over 500 commercial water heater models available, including the Cyclone XHE, offering 94% efficiency, and the Powered Burner water heater, as well as the Burkay Legend 2000 line of boilers. A.O. Smith Water Products Co.

Assisted Living Bath Products

Swan has a variety of ADA-compliant bathroom systems available, including fiberglass and Swanstone solid surface barrier-free shower floors and ramps, transfer showers, tubwalls, vanity tops, retrofit shower systems, and shower walls. Swan.

Composite Pipe

Kitec composite pipe from IPEX Inc. is made of an aluminum tube bonded between interior and exterior layers of plastic. Kitec can be used in conventional tee plumbing systems or with manifold systems, ensuring a constant flow of hot or cold water on demand. It is available in 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4" and 1". www.ipexinc.comIPEX Inc.

Freezeless Wall Hydrants

The Woodford 60 series is available as wall-mounted hydrants or enclosed in a flush-mounted wall box. Models are offered with a choice of anti-siphon and backflow protection and four inlet options. The hydrants feature automatic draining, a one-piece valve plunger seated in a brass valve body, and copper tube casing. Woodford Mfg. Co.

Bath Wastes

Watco Mfg. Co. has a line of bath wastes and accessories available that includes the TurnStyle bath waste that turns like a cable-operated waste and works like a trip lever. And, Watco's bath waste finishes include Pearl Nickel and Brushed Nickel. Watco Mfg. Co.

Tempered Water Emergency Systems

Haws Corp. provides emergency equipment, including drench showers and eyewashes, that supply tempered water for use in hazardous applications. The TWBS series blending system mixes large volumes of hot and cold water for emergency showers and eyewashes. The 8780 Polar Booth series is a skid-mounted tempering system that comes equipped with a water heater, mixing valve and holding tank. The 8317 series is a cable-traced freeze-resistant shower unit with top or bottom supply. Thermostatic mixing valves, recirculating systems and booster pump systems are also available. Haws Corp.


Sloan Valve Co. has introduced the Regal PRO Flushometer, featuring a fixed metering by-pass and a Permex synthetic rubber diaphragm, which prevents foreign particles from clogging the by-pass. Regal PRO also features an ADA-compliant handle, vandal-resistant stop cap, cast wall flange with set screw and Sloan's vacuum breaker. Sloan Valve Co.

Commercial Water Heaters

A full line of commercial water heaters is available from Rheem-Ruud for large heavy duty and light duty applications. The line includes gas water heaters, hot water supply heaters, electric water heaters, and commercial storage tanks. Rheem-Ruud.

Drainage Products

MIFAB offers a range of drainage products, including heavy duty stainless steel floor drains, nickel bronze floor drains, integral trap drains, large capacity round area drains, water supply control boxes, scupper drains, balcony drains, grease interceptors, backwater valves, trap primer adapters, water hammer arrestors, and non-freeze wall hydrants. MIFAB.

No-Hub Coupling

The HeavyWeight (HW) heavy duty no-hub coupling is available from Mission Rubber Co. For above ground use, the coupling features a wider gasket and shield to accommodate more clamps for greater load bearing contact, axially slotted bands that allow clamps to conform to variances in the soil pipe and fitting outside diameters, and more gasket sealing rings to provide a more positive seal. For underground applications, the coupling is made of corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel. Mission Rubber Co.

Backflow Preventers

Flomatic Backflow Preventers from Danfoss feature a streamlined design that reduces the number of working parts to reduce the need for maintenance and repair. The backflow preventers offer a top-entry cover that allows access to both the check valves and relief valve. They also feature bronze or epoxy-coated ductile iron body construction, making them corrosion resistant. Danfoss.

Water Hammer Arrestors

Precision Plumbing Products, Inc. offers a line of products to aid in preventing fluid (water) hammer. PPP's fluid hammer arrestors are designed primarily for water hammer problems, but are also available for any type of fluid, air or gas transmission hammer problems. The SWEAT ON, LEAD FREE water hammer arrestors are available in 1/2" through 2" sizes. An arrestor is also available for retrofitting to existing or installing on new laundry equipment. Flush valve primers, Walker closet primers, and trap primer valves are also offered. PPP, Inc.


Kohler's Ingenium flushing system is designed with 1.6 gpf gravity-fed siphon jet flushing technology. The Ingenium features a metal trip lever, an automatic flow control fill valve, 25 or more individually punched rim holes for rinsing the bowl, a 10" x 9" or larger water surface, and a 2" glazed trapway. Kohler.

Sensor Faucet

Symmon's new Ultra-Sense model S-6080 features a sealed and encased electronics and battery package in the faucet body above the deck. The lack of exposed wires, boxes or valves prevents vandalism. Features include Position Sensitive Detection sensors that are unaffected by variations in lighting environment and surface colors, no electrical hook-up required, ADA compliant, three supply installation variations available, solid brass construction and a durable glass sensor lens. Symmons.