Issue: 4/02

Here is Part 2 of PME's coverage of product highlights from the recent ASHRAE Exposition held January 12-16 in Atlantic City, NJ. Also see the link "Web Exclusive--More ASHRAE Product Highlights" on this website.

Pipe Clamps

Power-Strut's Cush-A-Clamp cushioning and clamping products are designed for use when installing fluid or gas conduction pipe, tube or hose, to combat the effects of vibration, shock, surge, electrolysis, abrasion, expansion and contraction. The U-Bolt Series secures pipe runs to any flat surface, providing total load distribution. It features a thermoplastic elastomer cushion secured by a steel u-bolt to prevent lateral movement. The Cush-A-Clamp features a shoulder stud securely fastened to one clamp half, offering a "controlled squeeze" that eliminates overtightening and rotation. The Omega Series attaches with two standard fasteners to any flat surface and is available in tube sizes from 1/4" to 2 1/8", pipe sizes from 1/4" to 2". Power-Strut.

T & P Controls

Spence Engineering offers a full line of pressure and temperature controls and steam specialties, including pressure regulators, temperature regulators, water regulators, desuperheaters, steam traps, strainers, filters, safety valves, control valves, and threaded safety relief valves. Spence Engineering Co., Inc.

Natural Gas-Fired Boilers

The Quantum Leap Hot Water Ultra Condensing Boiler by Dunkirk achieves 95% AFUE efficiency, and it offers greater thermal conductivity than conventional cast iron. Features include a compact and lightweight baked enamel steel jacket with removable hinged door for easy access to controls, a heat exchanger that transfers heat three times faster than cast iron and receives low return water without the need for bypass or injection pumping, dual pressure switches that ensure the combustion air intake and exhaust fans are clear, PVC vent pipe for expelling cooled flue gas, an evaporative re-cooling tower, an air/fuel mixer, integrated boiler control, a secondary heat recovery unit, and an induced draft fan. Dunkirk.

Electric Boiler

The ARGO Electric Boiler can be used with all types of forced hydronic heating systems, including baseboard, radiant, unit heaters, convector and industrial applications. Features include easy installation, a quick access cabinet, resettable circuit breakers, exterior switching, concealed wiring, a noise dampening design, adjustable solid state time delay, individual heating element circuit breakers, complete release power relays, and a high limit control. ARGO Industries, Inc.

Gas-Fired/Water or Steam Boiler

Utica's JC Series boiler is manufactured in 28 sizes from 300,000 to 3,000,000 Btu/h, and can adapt to water or steam applications. The series is composed of one or six combustion base modules, allowing the option to step-fire individual modules with an outdoor reset control, meaning only the mudlues necessary to meet the heating demand of the day need to burn fuel. The series is available in three combustion module bases, 300, 400 and 500 mbh, that can be matched in any combination. The JC Series features cast iron sections and push nipples in the heat exchanger for durability. The boilers also offer a low profile draft hood, electronic ignition, gas valve, and 4" supply and return tappings. Utica Boilers.


IPEX offers Kitec composite pipe made of an aluminum tube bonded between two layers of plastic, and it is color coded, blue for cold water and orange for hot water, for instant identification. The blue pipe is constructed of PE-AL-PE and offers a pressure rating of 160 psi at 140¿F. The orange pipe is PEX-AL-PEX and offers 125 psi at 180¿F. Kitec's smooth inner walls permanently resist scaling and mineral build-up, providing a constant water pressure. Kitec uses fewer fittings, almost half the fittings used in a copper system, reducing the chance of leakage. IPEX Inc.