ASHRAE introduced Dr. Bjarne W. Olesen as its 2017-2018 president during the organization’s annual conference June 24-28 in Long Beach, Calif.

At his inaugural address, Olesen declared his term’s theme will be “Extending Our Community” and he will focus his time as ASHRAE’s leader on extending the group’s global community, technological horizons and value to the ASHRAE members.

“The tremendous amount of volunteer work that occurs within ASHRAE is unique compared to other societies,” he said. “The time ASHRAE volunteers dedicate to the Society is incredible and the dedication of our 2017-2018 officers will strengthen our Society’s knowledge base, community reach and ability to shape a more sustainable world. I look forward to working with my fellow ASHRAE officers and members this year to extend our global community, adapt to new technologies and embrace our shared needs and objectives.”

Elected officers who will serve one-year terms are as follows:

  • President-Elect: Sheila J. Hayter, P.E., Fellow ASHRAE, Group Manager, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Golden, Colo.;

  • Treasurer: Darryl K. Boyce, P.E., Fellow ASHRAE, Assistant Vice President, Facilities Management and Planning, Carleton University, Ottawa, Ont.;

  • Vice President: Michael Schwedler, Fellow ASHRAE; Principal and Senior Applications Manager, Trane Co., La Crosse, Wis.;

  • Vice President: Ginger Scoggins, P.E., President, Engineered Designs, Raleigh, N.C.;

  • Vice President: Edward Tsui, Managing Director, Intelligent Technologies, Hong Kong; and

  • Vice President: Dr. Julia A. Keen, P.E., BEAP, HBDP, Associate Professor, Architectural Engineering and Construction Sciences, Kansas State University.

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