More than 30% energy savings can be achieved by using the 2016 version of ASHRAE Standard 90.1, according to analysis by Pacific Northwest National Laboratories in support of the U.S. Department of Energy Building Energy Codes Program.

The updated preliminary results were made at the recent 2017 ASHRAE Conference in Las Vegas. The PNNL conducted the analysis using the 2004 standard as a baseline. These results are expected to be deemed final in October when the DOE publishes its final determination. The analysis shows for whole building energy consumptions, national aggregated site energy savings are 34.1% and energy cost savings are 34.2% when compared to the 2004 standard.

“For more than 40 years, ASHRAE and IES members have strived to build upon the energy savings measures in each update of Standard 90.1, most recently released in its 10th edition,” said ASHRAE President Tim Wentz. “Each year the challenge grows as technology becomes more efficient. That we continue to build upon the savings speaks to the ability of our industry to adapt and transform as those technologies change and more advanced technologies become more cost effective.”