The ProVent System™-A PVC Plastic Sovent®-Type Waste & Vent System

The new PVC ProVent System™ brings Sovent® benefits to the contractor who wants to use PVC.

Like the Sovent System, the ProVent stack and the ProVent base fittings significantly reduce pipe and fittings, decrease labor costs, reduce the maximum flow velocity, increase the stack waste water capacity and control the interior air pressures that could cause siphonage or blowouts of fixture traps.

The big difference: ProVent is easier to install because it is light weight (7.5 pounds) and self-supporting.

It fits easily into plumbing walls and drop ceilings without needing special recess boxes.

Also, it is non-corrosive, which makes it particularly suitable for coastal areas.

It has superior acoustic performance due to its design, using noise-absorbing ribs and ProVent’s “Whisper-Quiet” pipe.

Flexible couplings that connect the piping from the base to the stack fitting accommodate any pipe expansion.