Issue: 4/05

At last, a sturdy, Hi-Temp PVC, Fire-Rated Utility Box designed for appliances such as washing machines, icemakers, etc. No more jury-rigging, stuffing with fire-resistant material and caulking to satisfy building code requirements. You can now make sure that the rating of a fire-rated wall is not reduced when installing a washing machine box opening.

ProSet has successfully fire-tested its new Fire Guard Washer Box, installed within a one- or two-hour-rated gypsum wall using the same, ordinary installation methods used with non-rated plastic boxes, but without the need for stuffing with fire-resistant material or caulking.

The washing machine box has remained an area of vulnerability in firestopping that has often been addressed with the type of makeshift solutions referred to above. Even with this makeshift approach, a question remains about the ability of the box itself to resist fire. The ProSet Fire Guard Washer Box is constructed of sturdy, fire-rated plastic. All the plumber has to do is install it using the same, ordinary installation method, and all the inspector has to do to ensure the integrity of the fire-rated wall is see that it was installed properly.

This is particularly important for protection from fires due to clogged lint traps in dryers, and in cases where the washing machine and dryer are installed in the garage. ProSet Systems.