A revolutionary new hot water system that also generates free electricity has been installed at the 74-unit Cambridge House co-op residences at 3235 Cambridge Ave. in the Riverdale section of the Bronx in New York City, the first co-op building to tap the technology. Connecticut-based Enviro Power, Inc.’s SmartWatt Boiler is an energy-saving, emission-reducing, drop-in replacement for the hot water portion of conventional heating systems, the first and only boiler designed to convert heat that would otherwise be lost in traditional boilers into useful electricity.

“We are excited about the potential to tackle the issue of climate change through our work in New York City as Enviro Power is laser-focused on decarbonizing the building sector, contributing to the green economy, and making sure any building has access to cleaner and more affordable electricity by promoting climate justice and lowering energy poverty,” said Dan Nadav, CEO of Enviro Power. “With the easy-to-install and maintain decarbonizing technology built into the SmartWatt boiler, Enviro Power is well positioned to serve co-op buildings by lowering the carbon footprint and reducing energy costs more efficiently when replacing old heating systems.”

The SmartWatt boiler generates clean energy at close to 100% efficiency reducing carbon emissions and aligning Cambridge House to meet the goals set forth by New York City’s Local Law 97. After making energy-saving upgrades to existing systems with minimal impact, the board had to move to find a broader resolution. This drop-in hot water boiler that reduces the use of traditional boilers found in commercial buildings incorporates a mini power plant and is the only technology available that uses a compact internal power plant to capture heat otherwise lost in the process into electricity.

As a solution that offers a cost-effective installation process and technology that far exceeds the energy savings benefits of traditional heating and hot water systems, the SmartWatt boiler will more than pay for itself over about three years by significantly lowering the energy costs at the 74-unit Cambridge House while providing hot water and generating enough electricity to provide over 50% of the power to the building’s common areas.

“We knew we had to find a real long-term solution to reducing the energy footprint at Cambridge House,” said Phil Fram, president of the co-op board at Cambridge House. “One that would provide substantial energy-saving benefits, help us to comply with Local Law 97 and ultimately contribute to the lowering of carbon emissions, all important considerations as we looked for the best option. We found all that in Enviro Power’s SmartWatt technology.”

Enviro Power partnered with Burnham Holdings, a holding company for a few of the largest boiler manufacturers in the U.S. and as Enviro Power’s manufacturing partner, Burnham launched serial production of the SmartWatt Boiler in late 2022.

“As a drop-in replacement option, the installation of the SmartWatt boiler was a virtually seamless transition for Cambridge House,” said Chris Adamonis of Agee Heating Solutions, who installed the system at Cambridge House. “With an installation process very similar to the installation of a regular boiler and the gain of reduced electric costs and a lower carbon footprint we see great potential for the SmartWatt Boiler in NYC.”

Enviro Power and its SmartWatt technology have been selected for installation in several buildings across the northeast as the firm expands production and seeks national and global opportunities. Last year, the technology was selected for installation in a dormitory at Wesleyan University as part of the university’s sustainability efforts while the new Simsbury Center Apartments at 969 Hopmeadow St. in Simsbury, Connecticut was the first apartment building to tap the energy-saving technology. Most recently, ownership of the Fuller Brush Factory office building at 3580 Main St. in Hartford, Connecticut boosted its sustainability score by installing the SmartWatt boiler.

“The SmartWatt technology gives commercial building owners and operators the tools they need as the world makes moves to decarbonize the built environment,” said Nadav. “In every case, commercial real estate properties can expect to see immediate returns on the investment in terms of cost savings and reduced carbon emissions.”