NIBCO is now offering an improved Build-A-Submittal online resource that allows users to easily create, access, select, edit and package submittal documents to expedite the approval process.

Ideal for contractors and wholesalers, users can quickly and easily create professionally formatted submittals to present to engineers. The NIBCO Build-A-Submittal tool is intuitive, searchable and flexible, and users can build an archive of submittals that can be organized and stored and then revised for future projects. 

Users must create an account via the NIBCO website to use the Build-A-Submittal resource. Once a user is logged in to their account, they can add any NIBCO part that has a specification sheet. A personalized cover sheet can also be created as part of the process. Upon completion, the submittal, along with a cover sheet, a table of contents and a specification sheet for each item will be available as a downloadable PDF.

“Our Build-A-Submittal capability is a great resource that we encourage contractors to take advantage of,” said Dave Lazear, director, commercial sales, NIBCO. “We are here to help our customers work better, faster and more efficiently.”

The Build-A-Submittal function was improved as part of NIBCO’s new website launch earlier this year. The new website included a new design, better search functionality and easier and faster navigation, along with expanded features, one of which was the Build-A-Submittal feature.