Bradford White introduced the Infiniti L, the latest addition to the company’s Infiniti series of reliable and easy-to-install ENERGY STAR-certified tankless water heaters.

The Infiniti L includes venting and modulation, a 15-year heat exchanger warranty, Bradford White’s Scale Reduction Technology, field gas conversion, integrated flush ports and top water connections, the company notes. The Infiniti L also comes with a built-in recirculation pump that provides instant delivery for an endless supply of hot water, which enhances the heater’s efficient water use and reduces the time and materials required for installation, Bradford White adds.

“The Infiniti L is a smart option for anyone who is looking for Bradford White reliability and performance in a high-efficiency, recirculating tankless water heater,” says Louise Prader, senior director-product management for Bradford White. “With the Infiniti L, we’re able to provide a unique combination of convenience, high performance and extraordinary efficiency that’s suitable for a wide variety of applications.”