Following the 2019 merger of Anvil International and Smith-Cooper International, the unified company has relaunched as ASC Engineered Solutions.

“Unifying the corporate brand enhances our presence in the market and reinforces that we are one  company, drawing on the best of both legacy companies to create something greater than the sum of its parts,” said Jason Hild, chief executive officer of ASC Engineered Solutions. “It signals that we are committed to a way of doing business that extends beyond precision-engineered, category-leading products by leveraging technology, service and support to help our customers meet the challenges they face every day.”

ASC Engineered Solutions notes the new company logo communicate precision and quality, while the interlocking lines represent the connection to customers — much like a handshake. The typeface is strong  and structural while also being clean, easy to read and modern. The foundational black and grey references the company’s strength and commitment, while the vibrant blue captures the passion of its people, the company adds.

The ASC portion of the new name communicates unity and reinforces that the company is a single organization that combines the best of both legacy companies. Additionally, “Engineered Solutions” expresses that the company is a problem solver, the company states.

The company’s tagline “Building connections that last,” comes from the legacy Anvil business. It is a nod to that heritage and a guarantee that the newly united company will bring forward the elements its customers appreciate. The tagline captures the essence of the brand, referring to both its products as well as the strong and lasting relationships vital to the organization.