Danfoss won an AHR Expo Innovation Award for its Interlaced Micro Channel Heat Exchanger, or iMCHE, which integrates multiple circuits into a single coil with a shared air heat transfer area, controlling each one independently by a multi-circuit system. The compact, all-aluminum iMCHE uses whole airside heat transfer area when operating under partial-load conditions to improve system efficiency by more than 20%, the company says. It also offers 30% higher heat transfer efficiency, and lower refrigerant charge, Danfoss notes. Through its innovative tube-bending structure and passage setup, as well as multi-row compact structure and high-tolerance distribution solution, iMCHE enables design flexibility, modularity, customizability and extensive flow arrangements that allow chiller and rooftop manufacturers to meet unique challenges, Danfoss states. Danfoss. www.danfoss.com