Heat exchanger

Taco’s U-Tube style shell-and-tube, steam-to-liquid or liquid-to-liquid heat exchangers are available in 4-inch to 30-inch diameters with a wide range of materials to fit various applications. These heat exchangers offer connection sizes from 1 to 14 inches and are designed, constructed, and tested to ASME Section VIII, Div. 1 requirements. New cast iron or steel-flanged heads offer a lower profile and are available for 12-inch to 16-inch sizes. The NSF/ANSI 372 certified heat exchangers — available in 2- or 4-pass construction — provide typical working pressures/temperatures of 150 PSI and 375°F. Higher working pressure and temperature ranges are optional. A high degree of flexibility in materials helps specifiers meet varying application requirements. Coming soon in 2024 are 12- to 16-inch cast 316SS flanged heads and 4- to 10-inch cast 316SS threaded heads.