The Association of Independent Manufacturers’ Representatives (AIM/R) held a new educational offering called AIM/R Rep Advantage (March 7 – 8, 2019) in Rosemont, Illinois. In comparison to the AIM/R Annual Conference, the program was a condensed 1.5-day, content-filled, and rep-only event.

More than 40 participants seeking training and networking in a Rep-on-Rep environment in a centralized, smaller venue attended the very first offering. Faculty included members of AIM/R leadership — past and present — and Dirk Beveridge of UN!eash ( as the opening keynote.

Topics addressed included the following: Innovation, Buyouts/Mergers, Warehousing and Turns, Apps to Better Run Your Business, Managing People, Succession Planning, and how and why AIM/R Reps are heads-and-shoulders above the rest. Participants gained an understanding of the AIM/R Rep Identity and why it matters to Manufacturers and Wholesalers, learned solutions to “sticky” business operations, and established “tribal” connections that extend beyond the classroom. On March 7th, Participants enjoyed an evening of “Bowling, Bites, and Brews”, networking, and healthy competition at KINGS Rosemont.

Participants shared the following regarding their Rep Advantage experience:

“I really enjoyed the AIM/R Rep Advantage conference. I found the sessions as well as the networking really valuable. I also enjoyed the smaller setting because you were able to have multiple conversations with the same people over the two days about different things where as in the larger annual conference you may see those same people once for a brief period of time.”

“A fantastic time for reps throughout the country to come together and discuss issues/successes they are experiencing. A great reminder that you have an important role within this industry’s supply chain.”

“Highly beneficial to take a few days to gather as rep agencies joining together to learn, throw ideas for the purpose of making our agencies stronger. The opportunity to hear topics that we might not even be aware of to be in front of the issues is a valuable asset to each agency as the market is changing.”

Visit for dates for the next AIM/R Rep Advantage in 2020.