Fujitsu General America’s Airstage J-IIIL heat pumps in the VRF system line are for light- to mid-sized commercial applications. The compact and slim design of the J-IIIL VRF line, paired with its installation flexibility and broad capacity range, makes it ideal for low-rise and urban buildings where limited installation space is a challenge, Fujitsu says. Front-facing fans and a compact chassis permit the outdoor unit to be installed in narrow spaces, whether ground- or wall-mounted. Quiet operation ensures that building occupants are not disturbed. Six, 8 and 10-ton heat hump systems are available. Up to 30 indoor units can be connected to the 10-ton outdoor condensing unit. Thirteen different types of indoor units are compatible, with capacities ranging from 4,000 to 96,000 Btu/h.