Duravit’s Vero Air toilet combines sustainable functionality and hygiene. The toilet’s rimless technology accommodates the square shape of the toilet bowl while minimizing water usage, Duravit says. Water flows in a horizontal arc, then vertically, before flushing the entire inner surface – complying with the EPA’s rigorous performance mandate for HETs (1.28 or fewer gpf). The wall-mounted toilets, featuring dual-flush technology, allow for an effective 1.1 gpf. It also provides the optional HygieneGlaze 2.0, which is baked into the ceramic and kills 90% of bacteria after 6 hours, Duravit says. A SensoWash shower-toilet seat is also available, with individualized control of water, air, and seat temperature, wireless remote, three wash options,  and power-saving mode. The toilets are complete with thin seat covers of 1 1/2”  and are equipped with an optional slow-close function.Available in 1 size (14” x 22 1/2”).

Duravit. www.duravit.us