In October, ASSE International and Plumbers Without Borders launched a “Plumbing Term of the Day” campaign where every workday an industry term and its definition will be published on ASSE’s blog, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn social media sites.

Each term and definition will be pulled from the ASSE International Plumbing Dictionary (Sixth Edition), which contains more than 4,000 plumbing words, terms and abbreviations.

“Every craft or trade has unique and peculiar terms; knowing their meaning is essential in the plumbing industry,” said Richard J. Prospal, ASSE International past president and Plumbers Without Borders advisory board member. “For those who don’t have time to read through the Plumbing Dictionary every day, the ‘Plumbing Term of the Day’ is a great way to have a bit of knowledge and entertainment delivered directly to your phone, tablet or computer every day for free.”

By keeping up with the “Plumbing Term of the Day” blog, experienced plumbing professionals and new students can expand their knowledge, fine-tune their vocational vocabulary and become filled with plumbing trivia.