Bradford White announced its partnership with Plumbers Without Borders, a grassroots non-profit organization working to increase global access to safe water and sanitation.

“Plumbers Without Borders is a unique organization that demonstrates the generosity and goodwill of the hard-working men and women in our industry,” said Carl Pinto, Jr., senior director of marketing communications for Bradford White. “Our company has always been dedicated to social leadership and to strengthening the plumbing and water heater industry. Helping uplift the work of Plumbers Without Borders not only supports their noble work around the world, it’s an investment in showcasing the essential nature of the work we do every day.”

Plumbers Without Borders was founded in 2010. The organization connects volunteer plumbers and other skilled tradespeople with projects around the world that are establishing safe plumbing and sanitary systems and promoting related health and safety education. Plumbers Without Borders selects partners based on quality, service, craftsmanship and training.

“It’s an honor to partner with Bradford White Corporation,” said Domenico DiGregorio, president and co-founder of Plumbers Without Borders. “Our mutual respect for quality, craftsmanship, professional training and workforce development creates a great platform for advancing our collective work toward improving lives and health around the world by increasing access to safe water and sanitation.”