Franklin Park, Ill.-based commercial plumbing system manufacturer Sloan has released four online continuing education courses for engineers, architects, building owners and interior designers.

The courses have approvals from ASPE, AIA and other professional organizations as part of Sloan’s commitment to educating plumbing specifiers on issues affecting commercial washing design, including sustainability, conservation of natural resources and aesthetics, among others. Each course is worth one or 1.5 continuing education units.

The courses are:

  • Maximizing Water Efficiency for Sustainable Restroom Design: The course provides and overview of national water usage trends that puts a spotlight on high-efficiency, water-saving products for a sustainable design and a detailed overview of the LEED v4 Water Efficiency section.

  • Conserving Water Through High-Efficiency Plumbing Fixtures in Commercial Restrooms: This course explores the importance of water conservation and the impact on drain lines and plumbing systems. The focus is on low-flow/high-efficiency toilet systems, hybrid urinals and changes in LEED v4 as they relate to water efficiency.

  • Electronic Sensor Faucets Improve Hygiene and Conserve Water in Commercial Restrooms: The course covers the impact of electronic sensor faucets on hygiene and water conservation through existing technologies, options and settings. The course includes specific markets and applications, as well as regulatory compliance factors. 

  • Sink Selection for Sustainability and Accessibility: This course discusses restroom design trends for commercial buildings by focusing on sink/lavatory system technology and the sustainability and accessibility trends surrounding them.

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