Issue: 11/03

The FLUSHMATE® Division of Sloan Valve Company has developed a new, quiet-operation, one-gallon (four-liter) pressure-assist operating system for tank-type toilets for installation in a wide range of applications, including commercial, hotel/motel, healthcare, multi-residential and single-family homes.

The FLUSHMATE IV pressure-assist one-gallon operating system for high efficiency toilets generates almost three times the flow rate of gravity units at 70 gallons per minute. For installation in toilets with advanced bowl design, FLUSHMATE IV provides a "push" instead of a "pull," which keeps the water behind the waste, forcing it through the trapway. The specially designed bowls also account for the low level of sound during the flush.

The innovative FLUSHMATE operating system uses air pressure from the vessel to complete a flush. As the vessel fills with water, the supply line pressure is used to compress the trapped air, which forces the water into the bowl with a specially designed jet at the entrance of the trapway.

The toilets install in the same standard area as conventional bowls, and FLUSHMATE-equipped toilets also stay cleaner due to a large water surface and vigorous flushing action. Numerous studies identify toilet flushing as the single largest indoor use of water, with 35% or more of total indoor use attributed to this fixture. One way to counter high water consumption is to install FLUSHMATE-equipped toilets that consistently conserve water in public housing, apartments, hotels, commercial/industrial locations and in private homes.

This innovative system is LEED(TM) applicable and can contribute toward reducing environmental impact fees, downsizing water metering, and lowering overall construction costs. Fixtures equipped with FLUSHMATE IV are available from Capizzi, Mancesa and St. Thomas Creations.

FLUSHMATE Operating Systems are manufactured by Sloan FLUSHMATE, producer of pressurized flushing devices. FLUSHMATE is a division of Sloan Valve Company, headquartered in Franklin Park, IL. Sloan has been in operation since 1906, and produces plumbing products for commercial, industrial and institutional markets worldwide.

For more information, contact Sloan FLUSHMATE Division, 10500 Seymour Ave., Franklin Park, IL 60131. Phone (800) 580-7141, or visit