According to a recent survey conducted by Bethesda, Md.-based Society of Fire Protection Engineers, the median U.S. total compensation for fire protection engineers is $113,748, a 2.9% increase since SFPE’s previous 2010 survey.

The 2012 survey finds the median income for an entry-level fire protection engineer with a bachelor’s degree and six years or less experience is $70,000 per year. For a midlevel fire protection engineer, the median income increases to $96,200. The survey shows the salary of a senior-level fire protection engineer rises to more than $128,000.

The survey also reveals fire protection engineers are among the highest-paid engineers in the nation, earning an average raise of 3% in 2011; leading to a competitive salary in fields such as consulting, insurance, government and fire service.

Earning a professional engineer license, the survey points out, has additional salary benefits. Those with P.E. designations earn 21% more annually than non-professional engineers.