FlowGuard Gold Pipe & Fittings offers several resources for installing and specifying its chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) plumbing systems. A new interactive CD-ROM is a self-launching reference manual that provides technical information, sample specifications, case studies, informative videos and a design and installation manual for specifying the FlowGuard Gold CPVC corrosion-resistant plumbing system. A comprehensive installation video for high-rise applications is also available. The video assists plumbing professionals in the proper installation techniques of the FlowGuard Gold CPVC water distribution system in commercial applications. The video examines product specifications, installation requirements and available pipe sizes. The FlowGuard Gold pipe is currently available in up to 2" copper tube size. A new installation video is also available from the company for joint underslab applications. The video helps simplify the installation of plumbing joints under concrete slab and provides guidelines for specifying FlowGuard Gold CPVC pipe and fittings in underslab applications.FlowGuard Gold Pipe & Fittings.