John Siegenthaler has accepted the position of hydronics editor forPM,PM EngineerandSupply House Times. In this capacity, he also will oversee hydronic coverage in the Radiant Heating Report, Radiant Flooring Guide, Solar Heating Report, Radiant & Hydronics e-News

“John Siegenthaler is universally respected for his knowledge of hydronics and radiant technology, and he is a masterful, concise writer as well,” Editorial Director Jim Olsztynski said. “I have been associated with John for many years and am thrilled that he has accepted this position.”

Siegenthaler will continue to write his columns and feature stories forPMandPM Engineerand will contribute columns toSupply House Timesand Solar Heating Report. In addition, he will advise BNP Media’s editors on topics and technical matters related to hydronic heating.

“Hydronics technology is constantly evolving,” Siegenthaler said. “New products in combination with improved design and installation methods allow hydronic systems to deliver unsurpassed comfort and energy efficiency.  As I see it, a well-planned hydronic system is the essence of ‘green’ technology.

Plumbing Group Publisher George Zebrowski noted: “John Siegenthaler is recognized by both our readers and the manufacturing community as the pre-eminent hydronic heating and solar thermal columnist and speaker in the country. He has the uncanny ability to put technical subject matter into easy-to-understand columns and seminar sessions.