Issue: 8/01

The ex-husband of an employee at Apex Supply was arrested and charged with trying to kill his former spouse by sending a package bomb to Apex's distribution center in Norcross, GA. The woman opened the package addressed to her and suffered minor burns on her hands and face when it exploded. Another Apex employee standing nearby also was treated for minor injury, but both women were released from the hospital the same day. A second bomb exploded without harm at an Apex facility in Lawrenceville, GA. The husband confessed to both bombings, saying the Lawrenceville bomb was supposed to be a "decoy." He sent it to an employee whose name was captured from the Internet. Fortunately, the package was opened upside down, muffling the explosion. Apex is owned by Home Depot, but the bombings appear to have no business connection to either the big box parent or its PHC distribution subsidiary.