Throughout this week, PHCC members have indicated a willingness to help overcome "Attack on America" in any way they can. The association announced a report from Stewart O'Brien of the Plumbing Foundation-City of New York that the city's trade union locals have been coordinating efforts to send volunteers to the World Trade Center site and have been purchasing equipment for clean-up efforts. The most-needed items were goggles, gloves, boots and respirators. Because the site has been overloaded with people offering to help, the city asked that the volunteers return home. However, O'Brien said the volunteers stand ready to help when needed, and materials will be purchased and provided as needed.

Also, George Breslaw & Sons, Inc. of New York City has donated torch equipment, hard hats, safety goggles and a truckload of ice to the World Trade Center clean-up efforts. Ten company plumbers volunteered to help with the clean-up, and one of them was involved Sept. 13 in pulling two deceased firemen from the rubble.