Chicago Faucets has embedded Synapse Infrared technology in its new Galileo electronic faucet.

Issue: 6/01

Synapse, Inc., a leading developer of embedded intelligence for smart appliances, has announced the availability of Synapse InfraredT, an advanced technology that provides two-way interaction between Synapse Infrared-enabled appliances, such as faucets and toilets, and the Synapse CommanderT PalmT-based communications unit.

Chicago Faucets has released its Galileo electronic faucet incorporating the Synapse Infrared embeded intelligence. This technology improves on first generation infrared technology and performs advanced functions such as auto-adjusting to ambient light and digital reflection filtering, allowing continuous operation in changing light conditions. In addition, an RS-232 interface is available for Synapse Infrared to provide distributed water control to multi-unit buildings, such as prisons, hospitals and nursing homes.

The Synapse Commander communicates with Synapse Infrared through Palm-based software that allows the checking of batteries, and the performance of diagnostics and maintenance scans. Maintenance personnel can use the unit to check appliance status and calibrate any adjustments or change settings without touching the appliance itself. A quick scan with the unit will also provide preventive maintenance, alerting personnel to any appliances that require attention.

Synapse, Inc.