The new point-of-use water treatment system from Chicago Faucets adds a secondary defense to assist building water disinfection, the company notes. Chicago Faucets BioArmor, a UV-C point-of-use water treatment system helps reduce the number of dangerous microorganisms such as Legionella in building water systems.

As part of a building’s water disinfection program, BioArmor, with UV-C LED technology, provides secondary water treatment at a hand washing sink or other dispenser. BioArmor attacks pathogens using UV-C light to penetrate cells and render them microbiologically inactive. When water flow is detected, it delivers instant full-intensity power — without heat transfer — to disinfect the water.

The system is designed for long term, low maintenance performance with a lamp life rated for 3,000 hours or up to 5 years before replacement. Two independent chambers treat hot and cold water at the same time, up to 1.5 GPM, for convenience and efficiency, California Faucets adds.