The Plastic Pipe and Fittings Association (PPFA) is launching a Thermoplastic Industrial Pipe Product Line Committee composed of manufacturers of thermoplastic industrial piping. The mission of the committee will be to increase the market for industrial plastic piping systems.

The committee was established after PPFA leadership facilitated a strategic planning session for thermoplastic industrial pipe manufacturers last year. At that time, the group realized the need for an organization of thermoplastic piping systems (TIPS) manufacturers, and the committee was finalized at the PPFA fall meeting.

TIPS participants define industrial piping systems as all piping systems except residential plumbing, commercial non-pressure plumbing and irrigation. The group also identified five objectives, in line with those of the Association, intended to support its mission:

  • To increase present and future specifiers', installers' and end-users' awareness of industrial piping systems;

  • To establish a forum to obtain and share knowledge;

  • To educate present and future specifiers, installers and end-users about the benefits and proper applications of industrial piping systems;

  • To monitor and influence all legislation and regulation pertaining to piping systems; and

  • To address technical issues related to current and future products and applications.

    David Chasis, NIBCO, Inc., was elected chairman of the committee.