Website visitors to the newly designed IMARK Group website will learn about all the benefits that accrue to members and suppliers in all IMARK divisions: Electrical, HVACR, and Plumbing/Irrigation as well as Luxury Products Group which supports decorative showrooms and IM Supply which is a national account sales solution for IMARK Group members.

The website features videos from group leadership as well as an introductory video on the home page. 

According to Bob Smith, president of IMARK Group, IMARK Group has always been known for "Building success one member at a time."

"We take great pride in being a dynamic, member-owned, member-governed organization. We are pleased to announce IMARK Group's brand-new website, encompassing the core mission and purpose of IMARK Group and what they stand for. Our 2300+ members collectively generate in excess of $28 Billion in annual sales," said Smith. 

Please visit to see the new and enhanced website.