The Problem

Dirty brown water and poor water flow were the first clues that a mid-Atlantic commercial property owner had a problem. Then the owner was put on notice by the local fire department that the water supply lines were no longer meeting the required flow requirements. Four hydrants on the owner’s property were flowing between 200 to 300 gpm due to heavy buildup and clogging caused by corrosion-well below the 1,000 gpm required by code. The owner called CuraFlo Mid-Atlantic to see if there was an alternative to digging up and replacing the existing piping.

The property manager was hoping to find an option that would avoid tearing up the property’s extensive landscaping. The manager was also concerned about: disruption to customers and tenants; costs versus replacement; and finding a solution that would provide long-term improved water quality and supply.

Cutaway shows a pipe with the top half badly corroded and the bottom half lined with an epoxy coating spun there with the Triton Spincast System.

The Solution

The local CuraFlo® dealer suggested CuraFlo’s Triton Spincast System™ as a way to rehabilitate the water main without digging up the pipes and surrounding property. The Triton Spincast System renews 3” to 36” pipes while still in place. First, the pipes are cleaned to eliminate debris and corrosion buildup. An air motor then centrifugally spins the protective epoxy coating onto the inside surface of the metal or cement pipes, creating a seamless protective barrier. The system eliminates corrosion, prevents its reoccurrence and restores water flow.

The property owner reviewed CuraFlo’s process and 10-year, 300,000+ linear feet history of successfully rehabilitating North American water mains. He was satisfied that the Triton System offered proven long-term performance and attractive cost and time savings versus replacement. The solution also ensured that no tenants were ever without water.

CuraFlo cleaned and lined over 1,200 linear feet of 6” and 8” cast iron mains in less than one week of on-site time, with no disruption in service to the owners’ customers and only minor, temporary property impact.

The results were full restoration of all potable water and hydrant supply pipes on the property. Water flow was restored and all four fire hydrants now supply water at rates equal to or above code requirements of 1,000 gpm.

 Project Summary
  • 1,200 linear feet of 6”/8” C/I Water Main.

  • System feeds water to multiple buildings and to four fire hydrants.

  • Pipe system extremely constricted from corrosion-induced tuberculation.

  • System flow had fallen to between 200 and 300 gpm.

  • Full restoration took place in less than two weeks.

  • Restored mains now provide more than 1,000 gpm to all fire hydrants.

Company Offers Two Pipe-Renewal Systems
CuraFlo® offers two in situ pipe renewal systems that improve water quality, increase flow and prevent corrosion-induced leaks in deteriorated metal and cement-based pipes. Leaky pipes clogged with corrosion or minerals can be cleaned and lined to perform better than new pipes for significantly less cost than replacement and at only a fraction of the time and disruption. For small diameter pipes (1/2” – 4”), the company’s Engineered Flow Lining System™ blows its proprietary CuraPoxy® epoxy coating through pre-cleaned pipes. In larger pipes up to 36”, the CuraFlo Spincast System centrifugally spins the coating to interior pipe surfaces.

CuraPoxy is certified to ANSI/NSF Standard 61 for pipes carrying cold and commercial hot potable water, and systems can be returned to service in as little as five hours. The coating is relatively impermeable and can be used to protect and extend the life of all types and conditions of pipes carrying water as well as many more corrosive process waters.

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