How water loop with recirculation pump and valving keeps temps normal at Normal, IL, Community High School.

The new Normal Community High School in Normal, IL, serving more than 1,700 students, consists of 300,000 sq. ft. of main building with 8,800 sq. ft. of renovated outbuilding space. The spaces contain dozens of classrooms, restrooms, science labs, child care labs, industrial, technology and agricultural labs, multiple cafeterias, multiple gymnasiums, six locker rooms, a major library, auditorium and an Olympic-size swimming pool.

From the inception of planning, school administrators wanted to be able to separately control water temperatures throughout the various geographic and functional areas of the school. Inland Sales Group, BBA Engineering, Mid Illinois Mechanical and Leonard Valve Co. teamed up on-site to provide the school district with what it wanted.

A hot water loop with its own recirculation pump and valving was set up for the entire school, with a return to a central mechanical room. At the various areas where tempered water was needed, lines were run off the main trunk into Leonard Valve Megatron® Systems with a return back into the main system, creating five separate temperature loops.

The Megatron System was selected because it is a complete water temperature control system, including the mounting strut, high-low mixing valve, pump and complete piping for the installation. Smaller Leonard point-of-use mixing valves were used to supply the restroom fixtures. In addition, the school installed 11 Leonard Emergency Mixing Valves for drench/eyewash stations.

Inland Sales and Leonard personnel visited the job to complete the start-up process and to provide technical assistance to the installers. This plumbing configuration has become a model for large school installations throughout the state, and all systems have performed with Leonard’s legendary reliability since being put into service.

Inland Sales Group is a full-service manufacturers rep firm headquartered in Peoria, IL, and has represented Leonard Valve Co. for eight years. Brian Yelton, CPMR, president of Inland Sales Group, can be reached at (309) 693-7950 or through the company’s Web site