Victaulic announced that its full line of FireLock CPVC fire protection systems can now be used for high-rise retrofits in the city of Chicago. This marks the first time in Chicago's history that commercial buildings can be installed with alternatives to metallic fire sprinkler pipe.

A previous section in the Chicago Building Code had required that only metal pipe could be used in fire sprinkler installations. A new section recently approved by Chicago City Council now allows use of any sprinkler piping system meeting or exceeding requirements of NFPA 13-2002. The new section also mandates that building owners have 12 years to retrofit their commercial high-rises with sprinklers.

Victaulic FireLock CPVC fire protection systems consist of small diameter pipes and fittings, as well as quick-response sprinklers. These products are approved for service up to 175 psi (1,200 kPa) at 150