OASIS Corp. Chief Executive Officer Romaine Gilliland announced the acquisition of long-time competitor Sunroc Corp. of Dover, DE. Terms were not disclosed.

The action facilitates the combination of two of the industry's oldest, most established manufacturers of water dispensing products. OASIS Corp., founded in 1910, employs 1,000 associates worldwide, with annual gross sales in excess of $175 million. Sunroc, formed in 1922, has 300 associates with annual sales of $50 million.

Headquartered in Columbus, OH, OASIS Corp. is a leading manufacturer of bottled water, point of use and pressure water coolers, drinking fountains, commercial coffee brewers and dehumidifiers. The company also produces small, refrigerated appliances for beverage dispensing and air treatment markets. The company operates manufacturing facilities in Ohio, California, Mexico, Canada, Ireland and Poland.

Sunroc Corp. manufactures bottled water coolers, point-of-use coolers, pressure water coolers and drinking fountains.