Reliable has introduced the MBEC-14 HSW Sprinkler for pre-engineered metal buildings. This sprinkler is designed to be installed on piping that is supported by the primary roof beams and not the purlins. The MBEC-14 HSW meets NFPA-13 requirements for Occupancies from Ordinary Hazard through Extra Hazard. The MBEC-14 HSW offers low installation costs because the lines are installed back-to-back on the beams and not 10' to 12' or more apart; two lines of sprinklers may be installed at the same time. It also requires lower water pressures than standard sprinklers. The K factor of 14.0 permits a minimum end head pressure of only 7 psi for ordinary hazard group 2 occupancies and low pressures for higher hazards.The Reliable Sprinkler Co.