The Viking Corp. has introduced the COIN™ Quick Response Combustible Interstitial Space Sprinkler. This Specific Application sprinkler has been tested and listed for use in specific light hazard combustible and non-combustible concealed horizontal spaces requiring sprinkler protection per installation standards. In some cases, it can allow the use of any listed CPVC piping system within concealed spaces requiring sprinkler protection. With extended coverage listings for spacing up to 12' x 12' (3,7m x 3,7m), the COIN Sprinkler can be used with Wet Pipe Systems using steel or any listed CPVC pipe, or Dry Pipe Systems using galvanized steel pipe. The COIN sprinkler (VK900) is cULus Listed. It has a 4.2 (6,0 metric) K-factor and a starting pressure of 11.8 psi (81,4 kPa) at its maximum spacing and .1 gpm/ft2 (4,1mm/min) density. Minimum starting pressure is 8 psi (55 kPa).The Viking Corp.