This year, 31 manufacturers from the sanitation, heating and air-conditioning sector were singled out for Design Plus prizes to be announced at the ISH trade show in Frankfurt.

The Design Plus prize is awarded to products dis-tinguished by a combination of innovative technology and design. To be a winner of the Design Plus Prize of ISH 2005 is a great honor for manufacturers. And, this year, 31 manufacturers from the sanitation, heating and air-conditioning sector were singled out for this award. Of the total of 249 products sub-mitted, 38 met the strict judging criteria-relating to design quality, choice of material, utility value, technical and ecological quality and overall concept-applied by the international jury of the Design Plus Prize of Messe Frankfurt. The competition was organized by the German Design Council (Rat für Formgebung), Frankfurt, and the awards were presented at the ISH International Trade Fair for Building and Energy Technology, The Bathroom Experience, Air Conditioning and Ventilation Technology, held in Frankfurt March 15-19.

"Today, people's motivation to buy is prompted by a new form or a new function, i.e. by outstanding design or innovative technology. If the two are combined at a high level, it is clearly a competitive advantage for the businesses concerned,"

TheProgramma C Bathroom Collection
The Sistema Help Bathroom Collection from the same designers and manufacturer featured the successful union of usability, barrier-free design and aesthetic qualities. The basic design of the system includes a washbasin, a wall-mounted and a floor-mounted lavatory pan, and a bidet, together with a system of four shower-baths.

The IO Range Bathroom Collection, designed by Alexander Duringer and Stefano Rosini, and manufactured by Ceramica Flaminia S.p.A., includes three vanity basins, a bathtub, a wall-hung lavatory pan and a bidet, each combining ergonomic and innovative technical details.

The Open Space Stone Washbasin, designed by Antonio Pascale, and manufactured by Ceramica Globo S.r.l., can be mounted on the wall or built into bathroom units. The tap can be fixed to the wall or mounted directly on the ceramic lip of the basin by means of two pre-formed holes for single lever mixer tap and waste pipe.

The Bella Vita Step-In Bathtub, designed by Duscholux GmbH, Gesine Gehse-Vukas, and Thomas Dieckmann, and manufactured by Duscholux GmbH, is a comfortable bathtub with door entry. The mechanical design of the glass door enables it to be easily opened and closed with one hand.

The Koko XXL Sauna, designed by Talocci Design, and manufactured by Effegibi S.r.l., features the use of oak, obeche for the interior lining, and large glass surfaces.

The F1 Onehole Washbasin Mixer, designed by Porsche Design, and manufactured by Grohe Water Technology AG & Co. KG, combines innovative technology and precision with an aesthetic design unusual among fittings. The cartridge-drive technology, specially developed for this line, makes it possible to regulate volume and mixture with one hand, as well as separately.

The Hansacanyon Elektronic Faucet, designed by Bruno Sacco and Reinhard Zetsche, and manufactured by Hansa Metallwerke AG, features a range of mixer fittings with an open water conduit. Water temperature and flow can be easily and precisely changed with touch sensors. At the same time, light impulses of varying intensity give precise feedback, so that the light acquires functional significance in addition to its aesthetic quality.

The Axor Starck X Waterwall Shower System, designed by Philippe Starck, and manufactured by Hansgrohe AG, consists of a thermostat, wide format upper showerhead, six lateral jets, and a hand shower with hose.

The Raindance E 100 AIR 3 Jet Hand Shower, designed by Phoenix Design, and manufactured by Hansgrohe AG, is especially well suited for use in bathtubs and small shower cubicles, and offers three different adjustable spray modes.

The Gäste-WC/Tonic-Guest Wash Location for the Guest Toilet, designed by Artefakt, Tomas Fiegl and Achim Pohl, and manufactured by Ideal Standard, offers three variations of vanity basins: two asymmetric designs for left or right corner installation, and one symmetric wall model.

The Elements Washbasin, designed by Jürgen Klein, and manufactured by Klaus Klein GmbH, features high-quality materials, formal reduction and aesthetic quality. The way the individual components of Elements can be combined give it a wide range of uses.

Designers Ludovica Palomba and Roberto Palomba earned four Design Plus awards for various products. The Floor Shower Tray, manufactured by KOS S.r.l., is composed of two separate elements: the basin, and a platform that conceals the drain, and thus provides an effect of continuity with the floor.

TheGrande Bathtub, from the same manufacturer, is part of the Floyd collection and comes in three varieties: freestanding, semi built-in and angular.

ThePalomba Collection Washbasin 01, manufactured by Laufen Ceramconsult AG, is a geometrical washbasin panel into which the basin has been integrated.

ThePalomba Collection Washbasin Bowl 03features a basic square form. The basin is separated from the taps, for which no taphole has been provided.

TheAspen Steam Shower, designed by Spannagel.Design, and manufactured by repaBAD GmbH, distinguishes itself through the use of high-quality materials like ceramics, glass, aluminum and reconstituted stone. A keynote feature is a ceramic seat that runs through the glass partition and stretches into the bathroom area.

The City Washbasin, designed by N. Lavernia and A. Cienfuegos, and manufactured by Sanico Porcelanas S.L., is a one-piece washbasin for wall-mounting or countertop, made of white satin-honed Carrara marble, cream satin-honed Loja marble, blue Bateig stone, Stonefeel® or Iroco wood.

TheTina Bathtub, from the same designers and manufacturer, is made from Stonefeel®, a resistant mineral resin which is easy to clean and has a smooth, warm finish. Both floor-mounted column faucets and wall-mounted ones are available.

The45 Washbasin and Wall Hung WC, designed by José Manuel Carvalho Araújo and Arq., and manufactured by Sanindusa-Industria de Sanit