Here are the products run inPMEthroughout the year 2004 that received the most attention from our readers, according to the number of reader inquiries we received after they appeared. In case you missed the opportunity the first time around, you can request information about these items by circling the appropriate reader information number on page 33 or 51 and then sending in the postage-paid card.

1. Radiant Floor System

The Ultra Fin system by MacDuffco Inc., uses aluminum fins to heat wood-frame houses. It was designed to simplify existing models of radiant heating. It uses 5/8-inch O.D. composite tubing installed 3 inches below the floor, through joists. Heavy-gauge aluminum fin is attached to the tubing in each joist space using six pop rivets. Uses less than one-third of the tubing required by most radiant systems.MacDuffco Inc. Circle 1.

2. AutoCAD CD

Charlotte Pipe and Foundry has developed a complete set of two-dimensional and three-dimensional AutoCAD drawings that are avail-able on CD or on the web ( The CD includes all the product specifications and technical data mechanical contractors, engineers and OEMs need to design their systems.Charlotte Pipe and Foundry. Circle 2.

3. Radiant Panel

Warmboard is a 4 x 8 T&G structural sub-floor panel with a top surface of highly conductive aluminum. Carpenters nail it directly to the floor joists in the manner of conventional platform framing. Its modular pattern of grooves link together to provide an infinite variety of radiant designs. The installer then simply presses standard 1/2" PEX tubing into the groove to complete the panel installation.Warmboard. Circle 3.

4. Industrial Fittings Dimensional Catalog

A pocket-sized industrial fittings catalog is available from Charlotte Pipe and Foundry. The guide features dimensional data and product specifications for PVC Schedule 40 and 80 fittings, and Corzan® CPVC Schedule 80 fittings. Charlotte Pipe's industrial product line also includes PVC Schedule 40 and 80 pipe and Corzan CPVC Schedule 40 and 80 pipe. Charlotte Pipe industrial products meet all applicable ASTM and NSF standards.Charlotte Pipe and Foundry. Circle 4.

5. Radiant Heating Systems

Terra Therma radiant floor heating systems from Slant/Fin offer superior PEX tubing and easy to control manifolds and controls. With the Terra Therma manifold assembly, it's simple to balance the flow of heated water. A built-in balancing valve on each return module, plus provision for a manifold zone valve operator on each supply module, allow the heating system to be fine-tuned loop by loop. To speed system set-up, pre-calculated zone settings may be determined with Slant/Fin system design software.Slant/Fin. Circle 5.

6. Radiant Heating and Snow and Ice Melt Systems

Zurn PEX Plumbing & Radiant Heating Systems allow different areas of the building to simultaneously maintain different temperatures. They warm all the objects in a room directly and do not circulate airborne irritants. Zurn snow and ice melt systems can be installed under asphalt or pavers or in concrete slab, and they remove snow and ice from steps, driveways, sidewalks and wheelchair ramps.Zurn PEX Plumbing & Radiant Heating Systems. Circle 6.

7. Pre-Assembled Control Panels

WarmRite Floor Radiant Heating Systems from IPEX have rapidly become the premier choice for radiant heating applications throughout North America. IPEX now offers an extensive selection of pre-assembled radiant heating control panels available only with WarmRite Floor. Each control panel is designed for a specific end-use application-including residential heating, commercial applications and snowmelt systems. The panels house all of the necessary supply and return manifolds, valves, pumps and controls in a sturdy steel cabinet.IPEX. Circle 7.

8. Tankless Water Heater

The new State Aurora™ tankless gas water heater is rated to provide a continuous four gallons per minute (gpm) supply of hot water at 77

9. Mini-Manifold System

Twistlink™, the mini-modular radiant heating manifold, is targeted as a solution for very basic systems, such as garage floors, basements and floor warming, where flow balancing and precise control is not required. The Twistlink mini-manifold features a modular design with supply and return module pairs; plastic construction; full flow; 3/4" supply end connections; supply shut-offs; and interchangeable pipe to manifold connecters in 3/8", 1/2", and 5/8". The mini-supply module provides on/off manual control to allow isolation of individual loops and can be assembled into groups of up to five pairs.Heatlink. Circle 9.

10. Pipe Hangers and Devices

PHD Mfg. offers its line of pipe hangers and devices, including threaded accessories, rod couplings, hex nuts, washers, clamps, pipe roller supports, pipe saddles, guides, slides and j-hooks.PHD Mfg., Inc. Circle 10.