Here arepme’s Top 25 Products of 2008.


Connection System Now Includes PEX
Cash Acme’s SharkBite Connection System now includes PEX tubing with an oxygen barrier coating - ideal for hydronics or radiant heating applications. The system is available in sizes 3/8” to 1” in 100-, 300- and 500-foot coils. Whether it is used with SharkBite’s Push-Fittings or with barbed fittings and manifolds, SharkBite PEX is a labor-friendly solution for improved productivity.
Cash Acme.
Circle 1.


Commercial Water Heaters
A. O. Smith introduces the Cyclone Xi, a part of the Cyclone XHE product family of technologically advanced commercial water heaters. The innovative design takes the units’ performance to a higher level with up to 96% thermal efficiency. The Cyclone Xi provides higher hot water output, with savings on operating costs compared to units with the standard 80% efficiency.
A. O. Smith.
Circle 2.

3. Vertical Multistage Centrifugal Pumps
The extensive CR range of vertical multistage centrifugal pumps from Grundfos feature high efficiency and offer excellent reliability. The CR units run on less power than other units, potentially saving thousands of kilowatts annually.
Circle 3.

4. Bariatric Toilet
Willoughby Industries introduces a new bariatric toilet (B1490 series), designed specifically for use in the bariatric units of a hospital environment. Bariatrics is the branch of medicine that deals with the causes, prevention, and treatment of obesity.
Willoughby Industries, Inc.
Circle 4.

5. Seismic Expansion Joint for Fire Sprinklers
The Fireloop seismic expansion loop from Metraflex is now available to compensate for even greater pipe movements in fire sprinkler systems, including ±4, ±8 and ±24 inches. The Fireloop meets all NFPA 13 guidelines for seismic expansion joints.
Circle 5.

6. Battery Backup for Sump Pumps
Electro-Matic Products Co. offers the Drytrol II, a one-piece unit that supplies uninterrupted AC power to primary or secondary 120VAC sump pumps during a power outage. It can be used with any standard AC sump pump rated up to 1/3 hp, 8 amps.
Electro-Matic Products Co.
Circle 6.

7. Hose Station Brochures
Leonard Valve now has separate brochures for two series of hose stations. One brochure describes the company’s 3800 line of hose stations with automatic safety shutdown. The other brochure describes the ST/CT stainless steel hose stations.
Leonard Valve.
Circle 7.

8. Fire Protection Inspection Software
Tyco Fire & Building Products’ SprinkCAD group has entered into an exclusive license agreement with Asurio Inspection Systems to provide its fire protection inspection software. The software is a mobile system designed for fire sprinkler, alarm and extinguishing companies’ electronic inspections.
Tyco Fire & Building Products.
Circle 8.

9. Rubber Disc Swing Check Valves
Danfoss Flomatic Corp. has added two models to its Flo-Flex family of rubber disc swing check valves. One valve, the new Model 745BF, features a back flush device used to manually operate the valve in the field.
Danfoss Flomatic Corp.
Circle 9.

10. Indirect Water Heater
The Energy Saver Indirect Water Heater from Lochinvar Corp. saves money and protects the environment, and offers excellent energy efficiency by using the same energy to hydronically provide hot water for potable use.
Lochinvar Corp.
Circle 10.

11. Line of Luxury Faucets
Symmons offers pull-out kitchen faucets for the home. Featuring five new styles [the Andora, Fiano, Forza, Moscato and Vella] the Elements Kitchen Line compliments the company’s existing custom-manufactured Elements Line for bathrooms.
Circle 11.

12. pH Neutralizing System for Boilers
JJM Boiler Works’ condensate-neutralizing tubes are designed to raise the pH level of discharged condensate produced by high-efficiency commercial and residential boilers. The neutralizing tubes safely discharge condensate without damaging septic tanks.
JJM Boiler Works.
Circle 12.

13. Catalog Features Laboratory Products
Chicago Faucets recently introduced a new catalog that features the company’s extensive line of laboratory products. Products presented include: fittings, turrets, flanges, valves and components for laboratory applications.
Chicago Faucets.
Circle 13.

14. Water-Conservation Products Brochure
T&S Brass now offers a guide to its many water-conservation products. Topics covered include: conserving water through innovation; leaders in conservation; and the company’s water-saving products for the foodservice and plumbing industries.
T&S Brass.
Circle 14.

15. Sustainable Design
Autodesk offers a new brochure that discusses the company’s approach to sustainable design in both building and manufacturing. The literature lists four areas of company concern, including reduced material waste and associated costs.
Circle 15.

16. Indirectly Fired Water Heaters
All Stiebel Eltron SB/SBB series water heaters can also be used as high-capacity indirectly fired water heaters in conjunction with any type of heating boiler. The water heaters come equipped with either one or two heat exchangers.
Stiebel Eltron.
Circle 16.

17. Software Designs Fire Sprinkler Systems
Designed as an overlay program for AutoCAD, HydraCAD by Hydratec Inc. is a fully integrated software package specialized toward the design of fire sprinkler systems. This software has been used by engineers worldwide for more than 20 years.
Hydratec Inc.
Circle 17.

18. High-Efficiency Boilers
Bryan Steam’s HE-AB Series of forced-draft, gas-fired “Flexible Water Tube” water boilers feature a guaranteed efficiency of 85%. The high-combustion efficiency results from a uniquely designed integrated, extended surface heat extractor.
Bryan Steam.
Circle 18.

19. Tankless Water Heater Valve Kit
The Tankless Water Heater Valve Kit from Jomar includes two forged brass valves. Each valve is quarter-turn operation, standard port with color-coded hot and cold lever handles. A pressure relief valve is included with each kit.
Circle 19.

20. Guidelines For Installing Bendable Piping
This literature from The Lubrizol Corp. provides photos and step-by-step instructions on how to install FlowGuard Bendable piping in underslab applications. The new brochure also includes performance information on the product.
The Lubrizol Corp.
Circle 20.

21. Odorless Toilet
The VIP Odorless Toilet from Smith Innovations assures private and public bathrooms remain smelling fresh and clean immediately after being used. The VIP features a whisperquiet, patented odor removal system.
Smith Innovations.
Circle 21.

22. Wall-Hung Toilet System
The one-piece, wall-hung SANISTAR Macerating Toilet System from SFA Saniflo Inc. lets users create a powder room wherever they need one, while saving both space and water. Water saving results from its 1.1 gpf, instead of the standard 1.6 gpf.
SFA Saniflo Inc.
Circle 22.

23. Fire Extinguishing Systems
Tomco Fire Systems offers two water mist fire extinguishing systems. The FOGEX high-pressure system is very effective in extinguishing Class A, B & C fires. MISTEX is the low and intermediate pressure system with pressures of 87 to 290 psi.
Tomco Fire Systems.
Circle 23.

24. Solid-Surface Lavatory Systems
Sloan Valve Co. announces its new 7000 Series SloanStone solid-surface lavatory systems. These new models feature reliable and durable hardwire electronics, and the sensor faucets’ optional 0.5-gpm aerators offer water conservation.
Sloan Valve Co.
Circle 24.

25. Water Mist Fire Protection
Originally developed by Marioff Corp. for use on passenger ships, HI-FOG water mist fire protection is used for an increasing range of land-based applications. HI-FOG utilizes high pressure to produce a fine water mist with average drop size of 50 - 120 µm. It combines the extinguishing characteristics of water with the penetrative qualities of gases with no danger to people or the environment.
Marioff Corp.
Circle 25.