Tyco Fire & Building Products has introduced the Model ESFR-17 Upright sprinkler, with a K-factor of 16.8 and the suppression characteristics needed for high challenge storage fires. The ESFR-17 features end-head pressure savings from 15 psi to 23 psi, compared to K14 ESFR. The new unit may also help decrease branch-line and main pipe sizes, and can reduce the need for or downsize a fire pump. They may be installed on branch-line piping up to 3" without sprigs. The sprinklers also offer significantly reduced obstruction criteria typical for ESFR pendent sprinklers. They are allowed for use in storage buildings up to 35'-0" in height, with 30'-0" of storage, and may be used combined with ESFR-17 sprinklers.Tyco Fire & Building Products.