Restrooms at the Harold Washington Social Security Center in Chicago needed to be updated with water-saving devices, so Falcon Waterfree was called in.

The Harold Washington Social Security Center in Chicago.

The Harold Washington Social Security Center occupies a full city block in Chicago's West Loop business section. The 10-story edifice is the Regional Headquarters for the U.S. Social Security Administration (SSA).

Although, the building was constructed in 1976-after the 1972 oil crisis that resulted in the creation, installation, and implementation of several new energy conservation measures-by current standards, the complex needed updating.

"When the first Bush was in office, we were instructed to cut back on energy use and given specific energy savings goals,"

How They Work

Although water-free urinals have been around for many years in Europe, the technology is still relatively new in the U.S. "I know people who have been in the jansan industry for years and still have either never heard of them or have no idea how they work,"

Andy Andrzejewski, facility manager at the Harold Washington building and a Falcon Waterfree urinal.

Going Water-Free

Once the new water-free urinals were installed in the SSA facility, Andrzejewski and Smith took a wait-and-see approach. "We hoped they could help us save water and cut costs,"

The Energy Champion award garnered by the building.

Test Results

After the three-month test period, the water-free urinals were evaluated to see if they accomplished their desired goals. Building management also asked for feedback from users as well as the custodial crew.

"Overall, everyone was very impressed with the water-free urinals,"

Andrzejewski and the Energy Champion award.

A Closer Look at Clean-Up

Water-free urinals are cleaned much the same way as traditional urinals, except there is no need to add water. "For the most part, apply properly diluted cleaner by misting it onto the surface of the urinal and wiping it away with a soft rag or sponge,"