The men's restrooms at the St. Pete Forum feature Falcon Waterfree urinals.

With the Stanley Cup Finals underway, the St. Pete Times Forum in Tampa Bay, FL, was prepared to be packed with fans rooting for the Lightning, while also conserving water and reducing bathroom odors.

That's because the men's restrooms at the St. Pete Times Forum feature 127 Falcon Waterfree urinals, supplied by Ecotech Resource, Inc., a local distributor in Palm Harbor. With capacity crowds of 19,500 fans expected for each of the team's home games, the water savings could approach 120,000 gallons. During the Eastern Conference Playoffs, more than 260,000 gallons of water were saved, and during the regular season, more than 1.1 million gallons of water were saved. And that's not even counting the many other concerts, circuses, ice shows and indoor sporting events held at the Forum each year.

Waterfree urinals look like standard urinal fixtures but have no incoming water line and don't use any water. Instead, a replaceable cartridge at the base of the urinal acts as a funnel. Liquid waste entering the drain passes through a lighter-than-water liquid sealant in the cartridge. The liquid sealant allows the urine to pass through and then forms a new seal on top. Odors are eliminated, since urine is trapped below the liquid sealant and the chemical reaction between water and urine that creates the odor associated with flush urinals is eliminated.

Independent studies in the U.S. and Germany have also shown that waterfree urinals are more sanitary than traditional flush urinals. Because water is eliminated, there is no breeding ground for bacteria. And, since waterfree urinals are touch free, germs are not spread as easily.

Falcon waterfree urinals have been installed in many locations around the world since the mid-1990s. Other well-known installations include Miami's Pro Player Stadium, the Rose Bowl, the San Diego Zoo, and London's Heathrow Airport. More information regarding waterfree urinals is available at and