Always considered a strong educational conference, the 67th annual International Water Conference® (IWC) this year includes technical sessions that cover all aspects of water treatment-including Legionnaires' Disease Control. The conference will take place from Oct. 22-26 at the Omni William Penn Hotel in Pittsburgh, PA.

The IWC is the world's premier conference for understanding and dealing with the technical and business challenges of industrial water treatment. IWC presents the latest in scientific advances and practical applications in this field, cutting across a wide range of industries and functional areas.

As the preeminent international technical forum in the field, the IWC will bring together end users, researchers, practicing engineers, managers, educators, suppliers and contractors. It is dedicated to advancing new developments in the treatment, use and reuse of water for industrial and engineering purposes.

Who Should Attend?

Technical Sessions are organized around Functional Areas and apply to a broad range of industries. Attendees' job titles range from engineers to utility supervisors, R&D personnel, water chemists, power plant operators, operations managers, plant managers and facility supervisors.

Attendees come to learn about the latest applications available in the industrial water treatment industry, educate themselves in current technology and applications through attendance in IWC workshops and network heavily with their peers active in water treatment.

Overview of Technical Sessions

The technical sessions this year include but are not limited to:
    Process Water Preparation: Ion exchange, electro-deionization (EDI), membranes

    Cooling and Process Water: Legionnaires' Disease control in cooling towers and potable water systems

    Steam Generation: Chemical treatment, best practices, operating guidelines

    Wastewater & Recycling: Zero discharge, gray water reuse, treatment processes, industry specific problems

    Desalination Principles & Approaches: Troubleshooting membrane systems, new seawater and brackish water systems

Ways to Participate

Prepared Discussion.Besides offering broad educational and networking opportunities, the IWC invites participation through its unique Prepared Discussion program. Each paper presentation at the conference is followed by a Prepared Discussion-a thoroughly considered, different perspective on the topic. This is followed by an open floor discussion at which time all audience members and presenters can fully interact-ask questions, seek clarification, raise alternative viewpoints.

If you would like more information on participating as a discusser, please e-mail Tracy Devlin ( to request more information.

To obtain additional information as a potential exhibitor or as an Info-Share Suite Holder, just send an e-mail to Tracy Devlin ( with your name, company address, phone, fax, e-mail, and area of interest.

Past Proceedings. With over 66 years of technical papers and knowledge from some of the well-known veterans of the industry, the IWC has years of proceedings that can be used as technical references for today's issues. You can visit the "Proceedings page"