The American Water Works Association (AWWA) supports strong drinking water standards that protect public health. AWWA submitted extensive comments to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on its proposed PFAS rule and is evaluating the content of the final regulation.

The Safe Drinking Water Act provides a framework to evaluate risks and create regulations that are both protective and affordable. This process assists water utilities in prioritizing investments in a way that best protects their communities. As noted in AWWA’s comments on the proposed rule, the association is concerned that the rule’s health and financial impacts are not accurately characterized. AWWA estimates the cost of the rule is more than three times higher than the agency’s calculations. The magnitude of these additional costs will lead to affordability challenges in many communities.

The best way to keep the nation's drinking water free from PFAS is to protect our precious source waters. AWWA continues to encourage EPA to follow through on its commitments to address harmful PFAS manufacturing, uses, and releases to the environment. Doing so appropriately requires polluters – not communities – to be held responsible for PFAS contamination.

AWWA remains committed to finding solutions that help its 50,000 members protect their communities from PFAS contamination and assure the highest quality drinking water.