Pipe suspension system

Gripple expanded its UniGrip wire suspension system to now support heavy-duty duct and multi-tier piping runs. Joining Gripple’s UniGrip 2, 3, and 4 Cable Hanger family is the UniGrip 6, a single-channel cable fastener capable of accommodating 1/4” cable and boasting a SWL (Safe Working Load) of 800 lbs. The UniGrip 6 fastener features a 3/4” male thread for attaching to back-to-back strut or brackets, with both Center Exit and Side Exit versions available for the cable exit. The UG6 Cable Hanger Kit now opens up the door for the trapezing of large heavy-duty ductwork and multi-tier piping runs — all with cable hangers instead of threaded rod. UniGrip 6 offers huge contractor benefits on projects such as hospitals, data centers and other large industrial and commercial builds, by allowing contractors to replace threaded rod and the associated handling challenges. The UniGrip 6 has been independently tested and approved to support safe working loads of 800 lbs and is ICC and UL 2239 approved for the support of conduit.