PP-RCT mechanical pipe

Uponor PP-RCT mechanical pipe is the lightweight, durable, sustainable solution for faster, safer, easier designing and installing of commercial hydronic cooling applications. Available in sizes from 1/2" to 12", Uponor PP-RCT mechanical pipe features higher temperature and pressure ratings compared to PP-R pipe as well as lower levels of expansion and contraction, due to its middle-fiber layer technology. Tested and proven reliable for commercial hydronic heating, chilled-water cooling, and distribution piping for radiant heating and cooling applications — including snow melt, turf conditioning, and permafrost prevention — PP-RCT is 80% lighter than steel pipe, making it easier and safer to install compared to metallic piping systems. Plus, the joining system uses heat fusion technology, which is safer for workers and eliminates open flame and fire hazards from the job site. It also resists corrosion, rust and scale buildup, making it much more reliable and sustainable compared to metallic piping.